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  1. i know it's all about 'BPA,' but i'd be down if the canucks went after nothing but boom or bust defencemen next june.

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    2. Master 112

      Master 112

      I'm happy with Benning + co.'s drafting- not trying to nag on it. I just think the core is much more solidified up front and that we have more quality in the pipeline in terms of our forward prospects. Madden is very exciting- I think Podkozlin is going to be the perfect second-line winger for us with definite 1st-line potential - Hoglander has NHL potential..


      I think Rathbone is going to be a very good defenceman, but otherwise the pool is somewhat lacking in strong talent on the defensive end imo. None of the guys you listed are ever going to be very dangerous talents; and while some here would disagree, I don't see much promise in Juolevi/Woo beyond in the best case as supporting casts.


      Edler's getting older and should be transitioned into a lesser role over the next few years; Myers is going to be getting pretty up there by the time this group really gets rolling and should be expected somewhat to decline in the type of weight he can pull. Tanev is nice and I like him on the team, Stecher is fine in his role... but I see us really benefitting from some high-end D that's not limited to people named Quinn Hughes. It'd probably put us over the top with the front-end looking so much easier to manage over the coming years already.


      like, if i were to get to choose 1 thing i could add to the canucks roster through the draft right now (with obvious exceptions aside, e.g lafreniere), it'd be a high-caliber defensive prospect. would you take a winger over a defenceman of equal value/ability considering our current roster and where it looks to be heading over the course of the next couple of years? i know there's no hindsight at the draft- just a fun question.



      It would be amazing to draft our first ever NORRIS TROPHY(Best Defense Man) winner.


      We are once again getting some fire power up front and another offensive puck moving .slick, fast defense man could really bring us closer to our first Stanley Cup.

      Hughes and a crusher or horse( That guy looked upon to play the tough minutes and knocks opposing players on their fanny) on the back end that has some offensive ability sounds very pleasing to a long time Canuck Fan.Most Cup winners have had one or two ,so we are due,right.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i still think that lind will be a good 3rd line winger. i can picture gaudette centering lind and hoglander.