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  1. CDC is worse though
  2. I fried my brain and can no longer play mafia to the level I expect of myself. I won't come back from the off-season. 112 should be retired league-wide
  3. I think the internet is going to gradually drive us all insane. We're heading toward a global crisis of some kind strictly because of it. We won't see it coming until it hits us. Quote me.
  4. buying gf
  5. @Master Radishes
  6. You could've just moved the o in front of the n.
  7. I'd date me.
  8. Rocks are form + matter.
  9. Eh. Polygamist marriages have existed for much longer than you or I. It's been a while since I've read the Koran, but iirc it actually endorses them in some capacity, and there are stories in the Bible as well where multiple women share the same husband. That your social/cultural upbringing considers it foreign isn't that great of a basis on which to suppose it won't 'work,' whatever that means when we're speaking of life or spiritual unions imo. The practice is ancient; it predates Canada by millennia. I think you're conflating our broad cultural and societal expectations for relationships (or your own thoughts on what relationships should look like) too much with actual human psyche. Yes, these things are looked down upon here--and yes, it would take a specific kind of person to do well in such a relationship--but if they've been in it for five years already, maybe they have something good going on? Certainly it's unusual for where it happened (and for other details in the article--lol @ 200k on plastic surgery), but such unions have 'worked' before and will again. I don't think your particular interactions with women can't be so easily universalized to discredit--or write off as impractical--all unions of this kind. If they're happy they're happy.
  10. Well have you ever had exposure to one?
  11. Cool kids play mafia.
  12. Philosophy is not about fostering healthy and rigorous dialogues and informing through that dialect higher understandings, ethical standards, scientific methods and implications, etc. in our collective agency. It's about having fun and lynching mafias. So let's get another game going because my brain is turning to rot without people to tell what to do on arbitrary/bad reasoning.
  13. Yeah I don't know him.