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  1. I was born in 1866.

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      Green Building

      Well I drink whisky from the Highlands of Scotland, that must be worth something.

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      H.G. Wells, Alex.

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      One one two

      Please answer in the form of a question.

  2. @Stamkos why are you switching to private?
  3. Stamkos, JL, TL unvote vote tl
  4. Hmm. Ok. Does anyone have the list of players still alive? on mobile
  5. he's providing solid reasoning for his votes, but i'm leaning town on all of them. he's also skirting on tunnelish behaviours re: Blue and fwyb. oh and he's doing that thing where he picks up on tiny details that don't really mean much and then presents them to everyone as super incriminating.
  6. Vote Aladeen
  7. This guy is either mafia or playing against his faction
  8. Sorry. I was out making friends. A thread-presence helps avoid these things though, even in the first round
  9. Did you really post that, read through the last page, and come back to correct yourself within a minute?
  10. We're going to hang out more, too. I'm stoked.
  11. I'll be more involved in the game going forward.
  12. Sorry if you're town, Z. I wasn't expecting a nightfall today so kind of went with my gut. I saw your last post and it was too low effort for TP Z at this point imo
  13. We ate pizza, played CoD, shot some pellets with a BB gun and chatted.