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  1. Is there any particular reason why at least half of your posts on this forum mention 'smart' and 'stupid' people with a special emphasis on distancing yourself from the latter? Not everything needs to be looked at from a perspective of shoddy Scientism and juvenile ideas of intelligence. You come off as very insecure. I feel as though you used to be a decent poster a while ago but now I'm not sure whether you're trolling.
  2. You'd be a better person if you had more respect for life. It is not some kind of strange and grand quasi-Darwinian contest as you like to point out.
  3. Leave kaz alone
  4. We'd burn him too if it were up to me.
  5. He's a witch.
  6. But are you TP?
  7. I don't look bad in any scenario. Don't talk like that.
  8. I'm not even necessarily defending him. I just think the intelligent play is to leave it alone and allow the sheriffvig to sort it on their own. Don't listen to me, though. I've been paying hardly any mind to the game. And if I'm still alive next round, definitely don't listen to me. That would not be a good idea.
  9. I agree. Let Homer sort the situation out as he sees fit. Meanwhile who else should we be voting for?
  10. Now you're being acute.
  11. tbb Kaz's play has been irritating--he's been destructive if TP--but from the bits and pieces I've read of the game I genuinely don't think he's mafia at this time. Also, this kaz/aladeen/falcon stuff is distracting from scumhunting to a degree. I doubt those three are all mafia, probably at most one is, and with the focus on them specifically it becomes easy to forget that there are scum who are hiding.
  12. Lynch falcon or aladeen over kaz. The milk incident was stupid and upsetting to me in particular because I had him as a town read before kaz's soft claim. But I am more willing to believe kaz is TP and erred than that he's mafia and had it out for milk.
  13. unvote vote fwyb
  14. MR, fwyb, Baka, Dral, Virt are good names to consider.