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  1. okay there i made my cdc account after bertuzzi was traded.

    so im only 1/2

  2. i hope for our teams sake your "name trend" doesn't continue!!! because first you had bernier.bertuzzi and both got traded...and now you threw ehrhoff in there too!! lol

  3. in your sig you have that youtube video of what you think the 2010/11 goal song should be. many times ppl come up with brutal ideas, not that one tho! Sounds so familiar tho...and i cant figure out why!?

  4. Okay, thanks a lot!

  5. Just add this to your "signature" section:


    Also, this isn't my's a CDC'er named "Motzaburger" so give him the credit.

  6. Hey Luwongo,

    I love your sig!

    Can you please send it to me?

  7. Do you see the irony in your sig?