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  1. I mean...when the Canucks are ready to make a run in 3 or 4 years time...what are the chances (% wise) that Tanev will be here and be healthy?
  2. Agree with this, seems Tanev is HIGHLY regarded around the league. Probably over-valued compared to Canuck fans and that is rare. GM's like guys like this who just don't make mistakes and can make the pass out of own end. Playoff experience, great team guy, just puts head down and works. I feel like he is the EXACT type of guy teams could overpay for at TD. Or maybe I'm just, but thats my feeling. Foote/Liljegren and a 2nd you ride off into the sunset with! Heck, I'd take a 3rd with Foote.
  3. I think I do. Benning isn't perfect, but he's proven he and his team evaluate well, get the picks to do what he does best. I agree, don't see teams giving up Foote etc. My desire to move Tanev is my concern for his health. Combined with age and the 3 to 5 year outlook for a very competitive team, I just think we get the value out NOW that will never be higher.
  4. You never know...Tanev is exactly what the Leafs need and that franchise is all in for the Cup and loaded with youth. You never know...Tanev, Hutton, 3rd for Marner & a 2nd or something...
  5. Stealth-Renewal Is 100%...Just 1 More Yr of Kamikaze-Descent

    Please. Stop with the inferiority complex. it's nauseating and pathetic.
  6. If you're telling me Tanev's mentorship over the next few years is more valuable then a 1st round pick then I'll respectfully disagree. Your points are valid, but even still, so what if what you say happens? We finish worse? This mentorship and "losing mentality" thing gets WAY to much play.
  7. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. You will never have a higher value on Tanev then RIGHT NOW. Good defenceman? Yes. He is about as highly ranked a D with very limited offensive side and very injury prone that you will get. He is not replaceable. Other mentors will come forward for our young guys. When stocks are high, you sell for assets. ESPECIALLY when those assets will compliment this team in 3 years time when they are NEEDED. Mentorship is over-rated. And Tanev will not be on this team when/if they make a run for the cup. He just won't. But the guys you acquire for him NOW most likely will be. This team has a solid 3 to 5 year window before we seriously compete. You get a 1st and a prospect for him now? NO FRICKIN' BRAINER.
  8. Dallas game a big argument for the young Studs from Utica

    Now, I'm not comparing Boucher to Burrows, but he does remind me of him, his skating and his tenacity. kid needs a longer look.
  9. @dellowhockey on how: Botch also discusses it in the Provies: So Canuck Nation...a Karlsson, Petersson, Boeser PP does kinda have a nice ring to it. THOUGHTS?
  10. Congratulations Brock

    He is basically Jesus.
  11. Right? He talked about his daughter and wife being stressed and having anxiety...this is totally out of his hands at this point, he wants to stay, Canucks aren't sure...or maybe are very sure. We're about to find out.
  12. THIS. ...and especially THIS. "I don't like the sounds of waiting to hear back from the Sedins agent on next year. I'd hope he has to courage to show them the door and get a list from Edler."
  13. I'm actually ok with Benning, I'm kind of a fan of people finishing what they have started. BUT...I think he is LONG GONE. As a father and husband myself, you don't bring up the fact your daughter and wife are stressed out and have anxiety on a random radio show. It just doesn't happen and it clearly states that if it were up to JB this would have been done a long time ago. And this doesn't smell at all like a money thing on either side. The Canucks are clearly unsure what to do or maybe know exactly what they are doing. Maybe they want to see Benning's picks this year and then will either make him part of the scout process next year or or cut him loose. I'm also guessing Linden and ownership will have heavy say in any trades coming up. But honestly...I don't think he is back next year based on this.
  14. Are the Sedins future changing?

    The best divorces are the one's where the parents get along after and make the kid's the priority. I think the Canucks and the Sedins need to make the Canucks their priority right now. Time to move on.
  15. Are the Sedins future changing?

    Let me say this first. I'm a MASSIVE Sedin fan. I've always been enamoured with how they play, I think it's beyond creative and have enjoyed watching them play since they came in the league. I think their play is borderline genius. I'm born in BC, but have lived in Ontario since 2002. I've defended these guys in conversations more times than i care to remember. But... Lol...the blind Sedin lovers will hate the stark truth and reality of this comment I've quoted above, but IT'S SO ON POINT. If you take emotion out of it, hard to do for many, it's a no-brainer. I've been a Sedin supporter forever, massive fan of what they have done and how they play...but I can't argue with what you are saying. I'm not sure anyone can. The question is do we owe it to them? My answer is no. This is business. The Canucks have given them 17 YEARS and a blessed life and a s%&t load of money. There is nothing owed. I actually have a weird feeling that JP Barry may cause some unrest in the negotiations and it could change what happens. This isn't black or white. Coach wants new direction. Owners have own agenda. Declining performance from the twins, agent demands excess final year $, rebuild, very bright prospects coming up in the system that need ice time. And one more thing...don't over-inflate the whole "mentorship thing". Are they good in the room? Sure, but at some point common sense has to take over and you aren't paying these guys $10M for mentorship and for next year to play 3rd line and PP, wand to put up 30 to 40 points (maybe!) and are slow, aging, and weak defensively. Linden is classy, he wants to honor these guys, but at some point it doesn't make sense. We may see this play out and it could get very interesting. I have a very strange feeling that something we aren't expecting may happen in the next 4 weeks. I think there are too many chefs in the kitchen all wanting different things from this team and is going to cause some unrest. I know, they have said they will never go anywhere else...but they are also competitive, and if there is any hiccup in negotiations...I wouldn't rule out a TDL move for them. Or they may just call it quits. I just don't see anything positive for the Canucks with bringing these guys back for $10M next year...and no it won't be much less then that if at all. I think it goes against everything this team and coach want going forward. And again, no, $10M isn't what Mentorship should cost, so please eliminate that argument. I'm excited for the next 4 weeks and the future of this team...the cupboards look stocked and I hope we really add to that at the draft. Psssttt....and yes...if they can get a 2nd or prospect for Vanek you deal him without blinking...he isn't a part of this rebuild either and his stock is as high as we could have hoped.