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  1. Explain how it is risky? If Lack doesn't play well then what? Oh, we don't make the playoffs and get a better draft pick or we lose in the 1st round. How is that any different then what will happen anyway? There is no risk because there is nothing to lose. If you think this team has a playoff run in them then you are either a blind homer, really young, or generally clueless.
  2. Honestly, by the time Sestito ran over Williams it was something to be positive about. Ya, it was only 2-1 but we weren't winning that game. This team needs some game changers, goal wise and physically. This team has limited mean-streak, too many "good guys" who won't cross that line that sometimes needs to be.
  3. I'm born and raised in BC now living in Ontario. This is the EXACT reason why Easterners despise Westerners and their poor me inferiority complex whining agendas. Life is unfair. Deal with it. Be happy. In this day and age you can watch any Canuck game anywhere anyway. Do what you can and boycott CBC then, or stop's nauseating and overdone.
  4. <br /><br /><br /> You're just getting dumber and dumber with every post. After tonight it's official. You are easily, the most ignorant poster on CDC. Well done...your one step below officially retarded.
  5. <br /><br /><br /> Shhhhhhh....your embarrassing yourself. Really. Wow, I'm starting to actually feel sorry for you.
  6. It wasn't a rant Deb. I was referring to the circumstances of last night's game which made it possibly the most dissapointing loss in the history of the Canucks. MUCH different then just stating what happened in last night's game. Most of it discussed things during the season anyway...GDT? Come on. This is the fans's site.

  7. Deb, why are you locking my topic on "Most dissapointed you have been as a Canuck fan?" Yes, it has to do with lasy night but it's also about Canuck history? And people are responding to it and answering the's a valid topic, not sure why it's being policed so hard?

  8. Go to Channel 251 on bell

  9. is loving fatherhood...

  10. Because if you look at all his posts he's the most negative guy on here...he's got a hate-on for Burrows (did he do something with your ex Clutch?) Every one of his posts he whines or bitches or complains about something...not his style to come back and apologize or say he was wrong...he's the type of guy who probably still think Burrows should be in Manitoba because he can't admit he's wrong... Oh well...this board has turned him into the laughing stock of Canuck land...looks good on ya go take some happy pills.