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  1. I got searched by Canucks security twice last year when no one else in the line up got searched. No one else but me. maybe I should have complained to De Bonis that I had been discriminated and asked for a free seat upgrade... one other time, me and my buddy were sitting in our seats when 2 old ladies came to us with the host that we were sitting in their seats. the host made us leave the seats and we were all talking in the hallway. turns out, the 2 old ladies seats were in a different section. we missed the opening, which I took very seriously back then (the ole U2 where the streets have no name opening) and a bit of first period, the host offered us a free beer for each of us and we were happy with that lol
  2. Early impressions of Willie Desjardins?

    sucks on his teeth too much
  3. Who gets traded Lack or Markstrom

    The "New" Vancouver Canucks would never put themselves in a position where they need to rely on an unproven goaltender like Markstrom in case Miller gets injured.
  4. First Canucks game experience

    Canucks vs Flames in 1996. got free tix to club seats. caught a puck that went out of play over the glass, the gm place representative came to my seat and took down my info and asked me if I was hurt. and my dad got so excited and stood up once during the game and he got yelled at by an old guy sitting behind us. good times lol
  5. Season Tickets for Canucks

    I am an ice pak holder since last year and my seat selection date is July 31st... My seats last year were close to the center but right in the middle of the row. So my wife and I had hard time going to the washroom and get food etc. Had to say sorry, excuse me like hundred times every game, also making it difficult to enjoy the game. So I am going to pick out seats that are close the the aisle regardless of what part of the rink they are in. comfort >>>>>>good sections (at least in the uppers)
  6. First time visitors

    Welcome My sister lives in Cambridge and I went there once to watch a soccer game (QPR, when they had Jisung Park). It was a very good experience. I tried to be careful and not wear anything in oppenents colour. Anyway, try to get seats in sections where the Canucks shoot twice (first and third period, plus overtime). Hopefully you can watch more goals being scored from there.