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  1. I would be so scared if I worked with him. He seems like a real stand up guy but could you imagine him at an office? "Can I leave 15 minutes early boss?" "Who said that...you know perfectly well we're swamped!" "It's Carwin" "...Of course you can leave! Anything to keep my best employee happy!" No one would get in his way.
  2. Meh. I'm kind of getting tired of it.
  3. Are you having fun making up rules as you go along?
  4. Most people commenting in this thread haven't posted a picture. cj insulted me and she didn't post a picture. Everyone is being a hyp-hyp-hypocrite. EDIT: Even I'm not that big of a jerk. Removed.
  5. I posted that earlier on in the thread. Agreed.
  6. I'm not making fun of her picture though. I'm just stating my opinion. You open yourself up to public opinion by posting your picture on a public message board. If she doesn't want any comments she should not have posted them. There are tons of people giving their opinion without a picture. Why should I have to provide a picture to state my opinion?
  7. I was well aware of your attempt at sarcasm. If you want to keep telling white lies go ahead. Just don't get angry at those that don't.
  8. Since when did stating your opinion become tough.
  9. Fair enough. I apologize. I can respect a person who isn't afraid to say what he truly feels and knows is right.
  10. You've had 20 people tell you cute you are and one guy with the name "Facetious" and a Russian troll tell you otherwise. Oh yeah, it's the hate on Prismatic thread. She needs more compliments! Someone, please, more compliments!
  11. Even if you're a troll I'm happy someone posted it.
  12. So many MySpace angles.
  13. No signature, no avatar. I am a ghost!