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  1. You forgot to mention Benning initiated the possibility in the first place. Benning went to McPhee. Not the other way around. Benning had interest. McPhee was only thinking about trading.
  2. Unfortunately I agree.
  3. Good read. Thanks Good luck Burr!
  4. Agreed. Our cupboard of prospects was basically empty. Our team was also getting old. TL and Benning did what they felt was necessary at the time. Now they said they are keeping picks. Overall I think they did great from where we were. I have future hope for defense and goaltending. We shall see how things go for forwards, but that is work in progress
  5. What if we had won the lottery and leafs lost last year? Would we still be WAY BEHIND? Is our defense and goaltending WAY BEHIND? How many years have the Canucks made playoffs compared to the leafs? Does that not affect draft position? What prospects did Canucks have 2 or 3 years ago?
  6. Depends on how you look at it. Do you want a Cup competitive core being trained they will lose most games no matter what for years? Do you want this core go through years knowing owner wants you to lose? That you are getting paid to lose? Knowing if a player is doing good, they will be traded so the losing can continue? Or do you want your Cup competitive core to have always been encouraged to win from the start?
  7. Maybe if Benning knew our defense would be as improved as much as it has, perhaps he would have picked Tkachuk instead. Then again, maybe not. I perhaps could blame Benning for not being a fortune teller? In the mean time I'm going to support the players that have been picked by the Canucks.
  8. I totally agree with you. Losing is bad enough. If management was doing everything they can to make you lose, psychologically it would make it a lot worse
  9. I read many times it takes bigger guys more time to get going. Its pre-season, so I'm not worried.
  10. Perfect! Now we can put Pearn on PK, as he knows how to have very few goals scored!
  11. "But I guess your years of pro scouting for NHL teams means you know better than most so you can throw insults around" Might be good if everyone shows their pro scout ID's?
  12. Lottery is today at 4:00 pm pacific time
  13. I'm with ya. The Orca is okay, but I personally prefer the skate. If there was a way to make the Orca look good as you say in black/blue ........ That would be cool too
  14. Same. It's my favorite, and they do look more intimidating in them. Imo
  15. I'll get back to you after the lottery and see who moves up or down