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  1. Bure? No. Burrows. Alex knew exactly what he was doing there. He knew Thomas was a street hockey goalie. He knew that fake would reel him out like a dead fish. CHARA is a slow mountain man. The Bruins are so screwed. I can taste the silver.
  2. Willie Mitchell looks like Shane Vendrell from the Shield.
  3. No kidding...thats probably one of the closest matches I've ever seen of two people. Look at all the individual features...nose, mouth, chin, eyebrows, eyes..all the same.
  4. such a umbrella...

  5. Hair are your antennai, they pick up signals from the cosmos and twansmit them diwectly to the bwain. This is the weason bald edded men are so uptight!

  6. I wouldn't say burrows hasn't been a presence in this series. He's been doing his job. The trouble is, hes been overperforming lately and now everyone expects him to be a point a game player. Just because he hasn't scored a game winnign goal in the past 3 games doesn't mean he isn't doing his job, don't forget what his role is...and still i have faith he will notch a couple before this series is over. He has had numerous chances, including a few breakaways which he is great at pouncing on.