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  1. Who was the member crucified for suggesting Sean Monahan was a better prospect than Drouin?
  2. AC with 2 minutes roughing. Portland up 2-0
  3. North Bay and Portland also say HELLO...
  4. Axel Holmström isn't even ranked in the top 50 Euros. Could be a steal in the later rounds. 6' 200lbs. Linemate of Nylander in the U18s.
  5. Portland wins. Cederholm +1
  6. Cederholm with an assist on Portland's first goal. Even +/- and a 2 minute coincidental roughing penalty with the diminutive Tyson Baillie (3rd or 4th rounder this entry draft). Going into OT.
  7. Jake Virtanen: "After growing up a loyal fan of the Canucks and Captain Trevor Linden..." *cough*hometowndiscountwhenweresignhim*cough*
  8. Step away from the crack pipe.
  9. Virtanen selected by Craig Button at 6th.
  10. Frick! S'all right.
  11. Don't want to see Canucks at 7...
  12. Hoping for Virtanen at 6th.
  13. I guess those reps are safe untill the moon comes out: Travis Viola
  14. Would you take their 4th overall and their 2015 1st rounder? I would.
  15. I'll be shocked if Ekblad doesn't go #1. Do we then trade the #1 to Edmonton (most likely the highest return for him) for #3 overall + prospects/picks? I think so. Then by winning the lottery, we pick up #4 overall (still a blue chip forward) + at least 1 2nd rounder and/or high-end prospect. I wonder if Edmonton/Calgary/Buffalo would trade us their 2015 first round pick for our 2014 6th (or 7th) overall pick?