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  1. Messier was never a Canuck. He was a New York Ranger plant sent to destroy the Canucks. He very nearly managed to do just that with the help of his buddy Keenan.
  2. I was wondering that as well. If it was intentional then whoever came up with it deserves a raise and a promotion. I am not convinced the NHL employs anyone that is that smart though.
  3. I have been reading their GDT all day. It's great, the main topics are Lack's Dad, what they are wearing to the game, the brawl, and what goons the Canucks are. Some of the audio and video are good though, "Dream On" is funny, and the fact that they bought Canucks jerseys but had to settle for a Flames hat to make it is even funnier.
  4. I am not convinced that they would even fall out of a playoff spot with an 0-4 road trip. Pretty irrelevant really, since they have not looked like a team about to run the losing streak up to 6 games and even 1 win on the trip leaves them in an acceptable spot unless Calgary and LA go 4-0.
  5. actually unless the Flames and Kings both go 4-0 and the Canucks go 0-4 they would still be very much in the race. 2 points back with 3 games to go and holding the tiebreak is still well within reach.
  6. The 8 game streak was impressive, but the Kings are only 8-6 in their last 14 games. The Canucks are 9-5 in the same timeframe.
  7. I wonder if the Canucks will name their new coach or AV will name his new team first. It was time for a change but AV probably has a new job in the works already. Great coach, he will do well elsewhere.