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    Banned for finding young females undesirable
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    Is pondering life's deeper meanings
  3. I panicked!!!!! Sorry about that! :)

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    Banned for finding pillow voices unusual
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    Banned for mis-spelling statement & applied
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    Banned for musical genre bias ( + a game misconduct)
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    Banned for withholding perogies
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    Evening All! Can I get a Rum & Coke?
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    Can't be helped, my niece is addicted to this annoying vid
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    Banned for lack of sympathy
  11. Go Canucks!

    This is really good! I wrote a song called "Go Canucks Go" way back when the 'nucks were in the final back in '94 This entry has inspired me to update the lyrics and post it on my blog page. Thanks, } Cliff
  12. Trevor Linden

    Recently Trevor Linden was on Team 1040 and had some helpful and I think carefully thought out observations about the Canucks in series one. The show was aired just prior to game 6 of the Hawks/Canucks series. He had a calming influence on a lot of listeners, but several posters dismissed him out of hand saying things like."Who is Trevor Linden to say this stuff, why are we listening to what he has to say?" "What relevance does he have to this current squad?" and " What right does he have to say what he says, how many playoff rings is he wearing?' "Does he have some magical powers or something?" It suddenly occurred to me that there are Canuck supporters on the forums, that were not old enough to remember Trevor back in his hay days, or our magical run to the cup in 1994. So, this is my response to that: Trevor is a classy guy and he was a first rate leader. I remember 1994 very fondly. That rag tag squad of over-achievers were never expected to make the playoffs that year, let alone take it to game seven in the final round against the mighty New York Rangers. They were not nearly as skillful as our present day team, but they had a ton of character, desire, and an uncanny ability to raise there A game, and play far above their station. Anyway, Trevor Linden practically carried that team on his back. We called him Captain clutch back then, because he always came through at the crucial moment. He was a terrific two-way player with a scoring touch and an aura of humility and decency about him that endears him to everyone around him. He lead by stellar example, but I am certain, based on this( team 1040) feature, and what i've seen, of him, over the years, that he lead equally well through inspiration and the imparting of sage and timely advise. He was never just an average Joe hockey player, he's a hard worker and a student of the game, who never stopped striving to improve himself and his teammates. He was, and I think, still is the one true "Captain Canuck". Oh and no, those '94 Canucks didn't bring home the cup, but following in the example of their intrepid leader, Trevor Linden, they have inspired all future generations to reach for the highest pinnacle, and they brought us closer than we'd ever been before or since, Until now that is................. Right?