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  1. PDSF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (4) Dallas Stars

    I've got the Stars in this one. Benn and Seguin have skill, speed, and grit. These guys are built for the playoffs. Dallas plays a strong defensive game, and have a goalie fully capable of stealing a few games if need be. Dallas is my dark horse pick to win it all. I even made a $20 bet at 80/1 odds. I could see them pulling a Kings-type Stanley Cup victory. Boudreau is not a great playoff coach, Hiller has been terrible, Andersen is injured and Gibson is unproven. Too many question marks for the Ducks. Stars in 6.
  2. Sedins and Burrows the next four years

    Why are we even discussing a buyout on Burrows? If we really want to move on from him, I guarantee there would be teams willing to make a trade. His value is at a low, but I'm sure we could get a least picks or lower level prospects. Last trade dealine, look at the bidding war for Clowe. He didn't have a goal in 28 games that season IIRC and SJ got a huge deal, and he scored two goals in his first game after the trade. Burrows still has value to this team and around the league.
  3. {Trade Deadline} What to expect

    He's got high hopes. He's got high hopes. He's got high apple pie in the skyyyyyyy hopes. Neither of those deals are ever going to happen. Penguins will never part with Matta. Flyers will not part with Couturier or Morin unless Kesler goes the other way, and if that happens, only one of them comes back at most.
  4. Canucks look alikes