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  1. While Gubradson is what we needed and fills a top four role, benning once again gave up to much and added additional assets when it wasnt necessary. McCann and a 4th for him is prolly as far as I would of gone. This is just another example of poor asset management and it seems as if benning is making a habit of this. Only thing that can make up for it is his drafting ability as so far, his drafts have gone well.
  2. That contract is going to come back and haunt Murray. He is way over paid. Used to be amazing but now he has declined. In one maybe two years he will be a 35 pt forward getting paid 6.8mil . wouldn't trade his time here for anything as he was one of the Best canucks. Still lol at that contract and good riddance
  3. At least Cooke seemed to really try and clean up his game.. Marshrat still makes dirty runs at people
  4. . I'm just basing that off of the games I've seen him play. He looks small in net. Goalies these days are all 6'3" or greater. Tokarski looks to small to me to be a nhl starter, obv Montreal felt the same way about some part of his game. Condon looks taller to me, makes stopping more pucks easier.. Edit: just looked. Tokarski is 5'11. That's short for a good nhl goalie.
  5. I'm glad schnieds isn't in Edmonton right now.. Bottom line is gillis effed up the goalie situation badly. He should of moved schnieds after 2011 for some help on d or up front. Also when he did finally trade schnieds we all know he could and should of gotten more than 9th overall. Horvat is already impressive but that doesn't change the fact that the canucks should of gotten a 2nd as well in that deal at least.. Also. Gotta lol at Mac t calling dubnyk a star. He was right. Expect it took dubnyk getting the eff out of oil country to become one.
  6. That's the jagr effect. Now that he is growing out his mullet again I expect capacity crowds in Florida all seaaon long.
  7. Marchand was taking a run at our boy wiess and took an elbow to the dome in the process. He was asking for it. It's not like Weiss targeted him and threw a bow. Don't feel bad for marchand at all, he's intentionally hurt players before wth dirty hits (salo 2012) so I guess he got was he deserved. Still you shouldn't wish that his career is over, he's still a person with a family, even if I can't stand him as a Hockey player I hope he recovers
  8. . Warning sign or Sweeney? Prolly stupid Sweeney
  9. Wow very surprised by that move but really shouldn't be surprised at anything Neely and Sweeney are doing.. Why they moved Hamilton is beyond me but its hilarious that siednberg and chara both get hurt before the season starts, and the insiders are saying Boston is looking for a defenseman. Hamilton would be perfect ha-ha. Then they waive irwin, thier FA d man signing. Who the hell will play d now? Even if chara is back hes old slow and injury prone now. Boston is nad this year.lottery pick bad. Sweeney has to be the worst gm in the league. Does he even have a plan? or just wake up one day and decided to move Hamilton for all futures. Maybe tomorrow bergeron will gt moved and then krejci will gt hurt and the headlines will read, Boston in market for a center. Rip bruins
  10. Problem with torkoski is his height. Too small to be a number one in the nhl and honestly when u have price, who cares who your backup is. If price geta hurt for an extended period habs are done regardless if its condon or toraski in net.. I was surprised by the move tho
  11. I wouldn't call him awful. Not a top 10 goalie but he is good enough to win 4 rounds of playoff hockey. Dallas d is improving too. I think with that forward core, 2 decent goalies, and an improved d they will make playoffs.
  12. lol cup window closed in 2012. If we aren't in a playoff spot come TD then benning had better sell our ufa ( vrabta hamhuis and prust) for prospects and picks
  13. I wouldn't say the oilers defence is alot better. It's improved but still suspect. Mcdavid has not looked very good in his two starts. Yea he's playing against top 4 d but its the nhl, eichel is too. I think once the points come for mcdavid they will really start pilling up. But if he doesn't produce soon and the oilers keep scoring 0-1 goals per game, its gonna be a long season in oil country.
  14. Well yea obv, neither are very good nhl players..but the post was vey or Schroeder. Who would u take.
  15. To be fair it looked like Sutter had strippes johnny hockey of the puck and almost send Daniel in alone. Wideman made a beauty play to keep it in. I wouldn't blame that one on Sutter, its 3 on 3. If its not an odd man rush one way it is the other.