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  1. While Gubradson is what we needed and fills a top four role, benning once again gave up to much and added additional assets when it wasnt necessary. McCann and a 4th for him is prolly as far as I would of gone. This is just another example of poor asset management and it seems as if benning is making a habit of this. Only thing that can make up for it is his drafting ability as so far, his drafts have gone well.
  2. I'm glad schnieds isn't in Edmonton right now.. Bottom line is gillis effed up the goalie situation badly. He should of moved schnieds after 2011 for some help on d or up front. Also when he did finally trade schnieds we all know he could and should of gotten more than 9th overall. Horvat is already impressive but that doesn't change the fact that the canucks should of gotten a 2nd as well in that deal at least.. Also. Gotta lol at Mac t calling dubnyk a star. He was right. Expect it took dubnyk getting the eff out of oil country to become one.
  3. Pittsburgh will be deadly on the pp and have greatly improved their offensive depth but I still don't like those d much. Letang will get hurt at some point so its gonna fall to a player like pouliet to really step up this year. Still not a fan of Rutherford either. Despres for Lovejoy was a terrible deal and he has def taken a dent out of the penguins prospect pool and draft picks.
  4. I started reading your post OP but stopped when I got to Anaheims defence on par with us. Hahahaha you lost all crediabkity with me there. Did u not watch the playoffs? ?our d was terrible. The ducks have one of the best young d cores in the game. Lindholm, Fowler, vataneen are all studs. I'd take any one of those 3 over any one of the Canucks d men. Despres is also a solid young d man. I also disagree with your entire post. We won't decimate the division as the flames and Oilers will be alot tougher to beat this season. Sharks are the only ones who didn't get bettee but even then they are still a hard team to dominate. I like the optimism but the canucks being bad for 1 season isn't a bad thing. I think it's a necessary step as another 1st runs playoff exit won't help either
  5. Canucks have a decent start but begin to fade after x mas. Benning trades hamhuis and vrabata for picks and prospects at the deadline and the canucks finish 3rd last in the conference. We get a top 7 pick from the 2016 draft and rebuild quick in 1 year. Also as for points totals Sedins get 65-70pts each and are solid once again. Horvat steps into 2nd line c spot during the season and finishes with 45 pts. I expect bartchi to get around that total as well. This season will be a losing one, but a necessary step if the canucks are to become contenders in a few years. I'm looking forward to it and hopefully benning can have a solid team for the twins last few seasons.
  6. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    Dude Johnson had a broken wrist in the finals. Guarantee if he hadn't of gotten hurt he would of produced more. Plus he was the straw that stirred the drink on that line so without him being healthy it was over.
  7. Kelowna Rockets (WHL)

    Excellent season boys. $&!#ty way to end it though. Really thought we were gonna win in ot. Still,enjoyed watching the Rockets play this year and will be curious to see what the backend looks like next season with no bowey and Morrissey. Also to that argument about the csnucks.not.dratying bc whl players. Well they def should look to kelowna more. Team is a d man factory
  8. Canucks look alikes

  9. [Report] Booth on Waivers

    Did You watch him in the playoffs? No thanks. We need to build a contender the proper way, thru the draft
  10. [Report] Booth on Waivers

    . As a person or a hockey player? Lol One year to late IMO, but he obv couldn't be bought out due to injuries. Bennin must be planning on using that cap Space because I kinda Expected them to let booth play out his final year and see if he could stay healthy
  11. Jordan Schroeder

    What that poster was suggesting was that if St. Louis wasn't playing with Richards and lecavilar when he first went to Tampa, ( he wasn't as good then), he prolly would not of developed into the player he is now. You are saying that he is a good small player now, regardless of the great players he was playing with when still developing into a top 6 player.
  12. Jordan Schroeder

    Ohh you mean like how the oilers treat their prospects? Throw them all into the NHL before they are physically ready and watch them play in a losing environment for several seasons, all the while they develop a poor two way game? Sounds good man, sounds good
  13. Quit being gullible, you are the problem with this team.

    Trading Kesler could be what's best for this team if the return is a first round pick, top prospect and a roster player. I have no problem with van trading kes if Benning thinks it will make the team better. This is a stupid topic
  14. Draft Virtanen!

    His backhand is unreal!