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  1. Of course AV will say all that stuff about Bieksa, he's like AV's pet (other than Rypien) and wants to keep him from being traded. Management will see differently.
  2. Bieksa is still horrible. One flukey goal doesn't change things.
  3. Bieksa has 7 points while getting the most ice time among our defencemen AND gets a ton of powerplay time. The only reason he isn't a complete failure is because we have a great team and Hamhuis is babysitting him. I can't wait till Salo comes back.
  4. A beast at giveaways. We're lucky to even escape with 2 points.
  5. Still has 0 points and plays crap defence. Garbage in garbage out.
  6. LoL you guys with your stats. Bieksa sucks if you just watch him play over the course of a season, otherwise there wouldn't be this huge thread.
  7. Puleeze, players come and go all the time throughout Canucks history. It`s stupid to become too attached to a player and like you said they`re not playing for that stick in a rink logo, its a job and a career for them. Someday you`ll learn this.
  8. My loyalty is to the team and the logo they wear, not to any particular player. I want the team to succeed and when I see a player like Bieksa making so many mistakes game in and game out and hindering our chances at the cup then yes I will call him out.
  9. Some other poster mentioned this but I should put it here: Alberts +2 Edler +3 Ehrhoff +5 Bieksa -1 We put 5 goals in the net. Any Bieksa lover wanna take this on?
  10. He`s our 5-6 defencemen.
  11. You can always count on Bieksa being involved in a bonheaded play in the last 5 mins of any period. I counted 2 tonight.
  12. Did you guys see Bieksa on the powerplay, skating in circles thinking he`s duncan keith or something. He`s like hello look at me I can hold on to the puck for so long in my own end.
  13. Bieksa strikes again!
  14. Don't worry when we lose again and Bieksa is once again in the highlights all this good feeling for Bieksa will be gone.