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  1. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    I agree it is hard to say at this point. I was only questioning the obscurtiy you were referring to which Bobby Ryan was to help lift them from. They got to the playoffs missing thier #1 center, #1 LW, #1 D and for a while #1 goalie yet they made the playoffs and won a round against the Habs.
  2. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    Alfie out ( age 41 ) a shame for him to leave but in all reality he is past his prime and will not bring much to the Wings Ryan in ( age 26 ) 30 goal man who will have the opportunity to shine in Canada's capital. The Sens are looking very good at center with Spezza, Turris, Zibanijad, Pageau and Smith. They are deep here and talented. Not to mention friendly contracts. They have of course Norris winner Karlsson along with Methot, and up and coming Cowen ( a beast ) In net Anderson had the best GA last season and Lehner is one of the brightest goalie prospects in the league. They are well coached. Not to say which team is better Canucks vs Senators but I sure wouldn't be calling them obscure by any stretch of the imagination. They are primed to keep moving forward and if they can all remain healthy than look out!!
  3. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    Hawk fan piping in with a non partisan view. The situation as stated just above I feel is accurate ... damned if you do, damned if you don't. There are good points on either side of the argument so ultimately it comes down to a throw of the dice. I am sure the OP did not intend that the Sedins should be allowed to walk as that would be insane, so you either go forward with the twins or see what you can get at the trade deadline ala close to double what Nash brought in. It would most certainly appear that the Sedins want to remain Canucks in which case that will be the way it goes. But if this season proves to be less than spectacular and the sentiment becomes apparent that the Canucks will miss the playoffs than perhaps they may consider a trade to a contender in the east. There would have to be salary coming back but perhaps only half of what is leaving coupled with some amazing prospects and draft picks not to mention at least one current "top six player". The Sedins could push an " almost team" to a real contender so there would potentially be interest. Then again the Canucks could pull it all together this year under Torts and prove a lot of people wrong ... It will go as this seaon goes. I wish the Canuck nation all the best ( as I was a Vancouverite for many years ) and I will miss the rivalry that will change given the new structure to the divisions.