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  1. Pro tip... Get a group of around 6 people and have one person order like 6 recivers through bell. Give them out to everyone and split the bill. You have to find your own dish and do/pay for the install but it is not that hard. Works out to be very cheap for the group.
  2. I agree with everything you said but the market is really hot for top 4 D right now with not much avalible.
  3. Thats why im not even mad we fell. Odds are that we were not going to hold the 1 or 2 spots and like you say 3-5 the talent level is the same. I want VILARDI or MITTELSTADT at 5.
  4. Tampa has no cap, they need to move cap to recieve cap.
  5. OP should I just go ahead and move along before saying anything?
  6. They are your pills... You need to take them daily or you find yourself making crazy posts on cdc and much much worse.... take 2 asap..
  7. You sure about that?
  8. We just might if the sharks win the cup
  9. Confirmed:
  10. meh.
  11. Thanks for keeping me up to date with all the race walking current events. Life gets busy sometimes and race walking might get pushed to the back burner. None the less, mine and the collective cdc's passion for race walking thanks you.
  12. Move out of the Vancouver area and live like a king? If you don't need to be there GTFO. 550k not on the coast will get you anything you want.
  13. Another win for the trolls!
  14. I also use BCAA, it is a little on the pricey side tho.