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  1. Thanks for keeping me up to date with all the race walking current events. Life gets busy sometimes and race walking might get pushed to the back burner. None the less, mine and the collective cdc's passion for race walking thanks you.
  2. Move out of the Vancouver area and live like a king? If you don't need to be there GTFO. 550k not on the coast will get you anything you want.
  3. Another win for the trolls!
  4. I also use BCAA, it is a little on the pricey side tho.
  5. Sbisa... His cap off the books is a win even tho he has been playing decent... Or we could keep playing Beiga and expose him and keep Sbisa.
  6. I see you have watched a few youtube videos.
  7. I see you have watched a few youtube videos.
  8. Good good.
  9. Last game played? Chivalry Medieval Warefare.... 375 hours played so far so ya it's pretty good. I love melee combat I guess... I only played 6 dollars for the game at the time so money well spent... Game goes for 3 bucks now lol.... (It's not noob friendly if anyone is wondering)
  10. .
  11. Bo nudes... Cant be any worse then Keslers.