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  1. cmon canucks <3 we believe :)


  3. we'll be back <3 ....stronger than ever :)

  4. ikr :( but yeah.i think the team is still pree young and a bit inexperienced-excluding players like kes, burr, raymond, lou, you know who im tlking about-and they just have to play together some more.i hope gillis makes the right decisions and drafts these same guys again.especially bieksa.that guys beast :)

  5. yeah i'am disappointed but i believe in them they can do it one day they will win it hopefully it will be next year.Our team will be much stronger and healthy we too much injuries this year.

  6. disappointed but i believe in our boys <3 hbu??

  7. Hello there how u doin.:)

  8. if u message me, im more likely to check that out =]

  9. hahaha....srry about that....been on the ice 3 hours a day fer 5 days week for the last 2 years okay...=]....been busy on ice

  10. Looks like someone doesn't like to reply :|

    4 posts in a year? :o

  11. vancouver canucks are tha bomb