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  2. cool to see civilized gigolo cooperation on cdc
  3. warhounds 3 vs disciplines 2 replay: http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/c776781de5 we subbed in some players like 112 did in the game prior
  4. nah, my prime is over. its time to retire
  5. I would like the post in this thread
  6. .
  7. I'm sure he was joking about grieving and anyhow even if his post was offensive to you (wasn't to me at all), it wasn't intentional at all. You can say it was ignorance or whatever but that doesn't mean you can act hostile to him if he didn't mean any harm.
  8. My gameboy SP broke. Should I buy a DS for 80 bucks to play ds and gb games, or should I buy a 3ds? How good are the new pokemon games for 3DS? I really only want a DS to play my pokemon emerald and other games.
  9. Music sounds better when doing homework.
  10. Yeah, all the bonus songs on the deluxe album was amazing.
  11. That song was what made me buy the album. Back after the break and off at the next exit are my favourites on the album.
  12. maybe just vote for all-stars?
  13. he's gonna have to go through 2 hours waivers first...
  14. .