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  1. Post Your Job Thread

    cool to see civilized gigolo cooperation on cdc  
  2. CDC Haxball League (Season 3)

    warhounds 3 vs disciplines 2 replay: http://www.haxballtube.com/watch/c776781de5 we subbed in some players like 112 did in the game prior
  3. CDC Haxball League (Season 3)

    nah, my prime is over. its time to retire
  4. CDC Haxball League (Season 3)

    I would like the post in this thread
  5. The I Support BC Teachers thread

  6. What are you stressed about?

    This thread reminded me that everyone has stresses of their own.
  7. CDC Haxball League Season 2

    Good series huntsville. Sorry for the stuff in the first 2 games.
  8. free the saniel dedins

    I'm sure he was joking about grieving and anyhow even if his post was offensive to you (wasn't to me at all), it wasn't intentional at all. You can say it was ignorance or whatever but that doesn't mean you can act hostile to him if he didn't mean any harm.
  9. CDC Haxball League Season 2

    I guess since huntville don't have enough players, we'll play at 8 or after the nuggets game?
  10. CDC Haxball League Season 2

    I rather not, but we'll see how many shows up.
  11. CDC Haxball League Season 2

    its gonna be pushed down if anything
  12. What did you get for Christmas?

    legos and blur, verve cds
  13. CDC Haxball League Season 2

    holy otts, up so late counting saves? haha
  14. Ryan Kesler got a nose job

    you missed his eyebrow job too
  15. CDC Haxball League Season 2