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  1. Op doesn't understand hockey
  2. I hate burrows with the sedins. Became so boring and predictable. Verbata looks great with them
  3. Yes! That's market value considering what's happening around the league.
  4. Ps4!
  5. Bieksa, Gaunce, shredder, 1st
  6. I hear he's good
  7. He's done. Best of luck in Europe.
  8. I love the kid but hes only 22, and he isnt developing his hockey IQ playing only 10 mins. I say send him down again and let him play over 15 mins a night. Get that flow again. I believe he will develop alot better than playing on a third line with only 9 mins a game.
  9. This guy is crazy
  10. Stupid racist man is stupid racist