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  1. Ps4!
  2. Bieksa, Gaunce, shredder, 1st
  3. I hear he's good
  4. He's done. Best of luck in Europe.
  5. I love the kid but hes only 22, and he isnt developing his hockey IQ playing only 10 mins. I say send him down again and let him play over 15 mins a night. Get that flow again. I believe he will develop alot better than playing on a third line with only 9 mins a game.
  6. This guy is crazy
  7. Stupid racist man is stupid racist
  8. awesome lol really wanted u to play against dallas sry for AV but he also din change the strategy from dump in and chase on turco....but besides that lmao nice blog dude
  9. lmao nice