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  1. I would honestly have Jensen over burr on the second
  2. With everyone pmsing OP has a point. Bieksa has sucked for years now.
  3. Strategic placement Watson
  4. Burr was always third line material,...
  5. Tis over
  6. Sedins vrbata Higgins bone Jensen Mathias vey kass Dorsett horvat Rich/Tito Trade Hansen and burr Hammer bieksa Edler tanav Stanton sbisa Webs Miller Lack
  7. Op doesn't understand hockey
  8. CDC is a bitch fest.
  9. Sedins verbata Shinks bonino Jensen Higgins Mathias kass Hammer Edler Tanev Sbisa Stanton Lack
  10. I hate burrows with the sedins. Became so boring and predictable. Verbata looks great with them
  11. Burr and jensen have mad chemistry,,,, sedins-verbz burr-bonino-jensen higgins-vey-shinks mathias-rich- dorsett hansen- tito bieksa-hammer edler-taven sbisa-stanton webber miller-lack 23 players.
  12. It's literally only 10 bucks more a month
  13. Higgins vey Mathias : vey is a very good player, great hands.Higgins and Mathias will add finish you the line. Hansen rich Dorset/tito: Hansen and rich add great forcheck, while Dorset and sestito add size and fight.
  14. Gaunce can be the next Bert, even better. He needs to get out if the center roll.
  15. I think depth might be a strong word for gilly