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  1. Would be cool to see him step right into the lineup but I'd think he'd need some time in the AHL to get used to the north american style game before he's ready for that.I'd expect him to challenge for a roster spot the following year after a full season in Chicago but could be called up this season if we get hammered with injuries or have a bad scoring slump.
  2. cool...look forward to it as he's a bit of wildcard who had very little exposure in the Q.
  3. I think it's unlikely for Sauve to get a call up this year with all the D-men ahead of him which is fine as there's no point rushing him into the league,give him lots of time to learn the pro game in the AHL and he'll be better for it.He probably will be the first of our prospects to make the NHL full time,though,as he's one of the few shutdown type defencemen in our system and has pro size already.He could take on Mitchells role on the team one day. Oberg on the other hand I don't really see a spot for in the organization anytime soon.With Edler getting better every year,Erhoff having a breakout season and established puck moving D-men like Ballard and Hamhuis added this summer on long term contracts,he'll have a tough time finding a spot to play.Plus,he has strong competition coming in with Connauton,who probably brings a better offensive skillset and is bigger and more physical to boot,and Tanev,who put up impressive numbers in his rookie season in college and posesses great hockey sense. There's also Jeremy Price and Patrick McNally in the system who will likely be fighting for pro jobs by the time Ballard and Hamhuis contracts are up if Oberg is still around. By most accounts,Oberg still has a long ways to go to be NHL ready and it does'nt help that he's 22 and only listed at 165 lbs.That right there basically limits his role to be a power play specialist with a limited defensive role and I don't think his offensive skills can make up for his limitations.
  4. Lots of great info on here,thanks to all that have contributed something positive to the discussion.I'm still excited that we landed JS at last years draft and based on how quickly he turned it around last season when he got good players around him,I think he's going to be a great NHL player. Probably his ideal place in the lineup would be on the second line with Kesler and Raymond as all 3 have great speed,good offensive ability,and play a smart game so they'd be a two way threat.Hopefully they find chemistry as I think that would make a great line and the fact that JS is also a centre could give the line two different looks depending if him or Kesler lines up as the centre.It would also make it tougher for the other teams coaches and players to come up with a game plan to shut them down if they did that plus it's always good to have another player on the ice who can take draws if the other one gets waved out of the circle. If Burrows is'nt ready to go at the start of the season,I'm picking JS to be in the lineup on opening night and I'm hoping he sticks with the second line and Burrows and Samuelsson can alternate beetween the 1st and 3rd lines,depending on who's clicking with the Sedins.
  5. Every team needs role players like that,especially when they can contribute some offence as well.Could be a better version of Rypien,not as good a fighter but much more skilled and could be used on the PK and on a checking line.Good use of a late round pick to grab this guy,he sounds like he could be a good player even if it takes him awhile to develop in the AHL.
  6. Seems like a really good pick for a fourth rounder and since we have Oberg and likely Sauve,Connauton,and Tanev playing in the AHL next year we can let him develop in college and not rush him into the pros. At this rate we'll have a log jam of good puck moving D-men in several years,if they all develop well,which is a nice problem to have.Did'nt hurt Chicago having lots of that this year.
  7. I think Schroeder will be a great NHL player.He looked really good with the Moose right from the get go and put up nice numbers after a mediocre season playing with plugs on a lousy team in Minny. He did especially well on a line with Desbien who's a banger and crasher with size and some offensive skill,so I think with the right kind of linemates,he could be point per game player for us down the road.
  8. Good stuff...now hopefully he comes to NA to play and get some real ice time.Last year seemed like kind of a write off for his development except for the WJC and growing a couple more inches.
  9. <br /><br /><br /> That looks pretty skilled but probably too soft...better at least add SOB to the mix.
  10. That's disappointing,I had hopes that he could be a contributor but the playoff intensity is probably too much for him which is'nt a good sign in terms of making it to the next level. However,Schroeders looks like he's more than holding his own out there and should definitely be given a good look at camp next year.
  11. that would be stellar to see him over here next year getting real minutes and learning the North American game.Could be a very exciting Moose team with him,Schroeder,Shirokov,Hodgson(?),and Oberg.Hopefully Craig Heisinger can bring some more good top six forwards into the mix and make them an offensive threat again.