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  1. The ticket prices will only go down once people stop showing up , I could see it happening because there already starting down that path as interest has not really seemed to be as high since the SCF game 7 loss and took a bigger dive with the lockout . The product on the ice is not near the same quality yet ticket prices keep increasing at ridicules amounts , Last playoffs the Canucks could barley get the building full with out going out and giving away free tickets and this season there tactually having ticket sales promotions during the season which in the past has been unheard of . I think we are a few yrs away yet to see a change prices going down but i think it will have to happen
  2. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    What does hunting have to do with his playing status and lack of production ?
  3. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    i know why you consider making the trade , i never asked that
  4. they will all be looking for work soon
  5. I think this is going to kill TSN , I dont think they will be able to recover losing on what is far and away there bread and butter
  6. [Report] Canucks interested in Martin Erat

    What has given you the impression he could refine his game in Vancouver ? Im interested in the idea of a Booth Erat swap but its a mystery how it would work out for both teams . I just find it funny when people try to act more informed about a player yet leave no reason for there opinion
  7. I wonder how the Torts era is going to comparte to the Keenans time here , i think things are going to blow up in Gillis face with this one
  8. Wave goodbye to half the roster then and they might as well cut the cost of tickets in half cause theres no way im paying 160 a ticket to boring game that dont involve skill . Watching paint dry is more entertaining then grinding hockey like they played last season , Hitting and fore checking of course great but if its going to be dump and grind all 4 lines up tlike the first season Luongo was here then i pass on giving the canucks my money and lets not forget that only got us to the second round when we did that
  9. Im guessing you did not watch last season , This roster is not built for that style of hockey
  10. Exactly , they just get paid for there opinion
  11. I could care less if Torts won a cup or not and find that to be a over rated thing to use as a consideration when looking for a coach because not all coaches are fortunate enough to have a good enough team to contend for a cup and no system will make a team a contender if the right talent and lucky bounces dont go there way Tortarella and his attitude with the media would keep me interested in what new distraction he was creating everyday while the product on the ice would be about as exciting to watch as paint drying . I think Tortarella in a hockey market like Vancouver is an absolute mistake but if your looking for off ice drama it will least keep the team interesting and good for a laugh
  12. Empty Seats a Reality

    Technically as soon as the Canucks had to start buying tickets to the playoffs games this past season and go around handing them out it ended the the streak in my opinion or at least tainted it. And with word that there going to up the prices again im thinking sooner or later theres going to be more backlash as there starting to price them selfs out of the market unless they can drum up some excitement this off season
  13. The best at being a media distraction
  14. Pass !!! the guy could never coach in a canadian market
  15. I agree Botchford is a tool but CBC has also said Robinson has no interest in being a head coach anymore too