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  1. The rule in the rule book is that if a player gets injured on a slash it's an automatic 5 min major with a game misconduct. I think the right call was made on the ice. But yea i agree the slash didn't look too hard, but even a small slash kills when it hits the unprotected part of your arm.
  2. Smaller arena allows for a louder atmosphere, and Jets games are just rowdy in general, a playoff game in the MTS Center will be real loud.
  3. We have no second line....Sedins are in a slump but still doing ok, Kesler is solid but has no support. Those players are our offence, we have no other legitimate scorers who can pitch. I feel for Luongo too, putting up solid numbers in this slump. I hope Gillis is busy talking trade because time is running out, especially now that it looks like you need close to a 100 points to make the playoffs in the west.