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  1. BowTie

    Jordan Schroeder Talk

    At 5'9" I think he'll be a winger in the NHL. That's a good thing - since we have enough centers in the near future.Maxim will not affect Schroeder's development since he's a 3/4th line guy whereas Jordan will be top 6.
  2. BowTie

    Patrick McNally | D

    Has speed and can move the puck - a great fit to be a Canuck Dman. Also has size to boot so thats a plus!
  3. BowTie

    Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Does anyone know about his speed? I think the main reason why Kane and St. Louis can thrive is because of their explosive speed, the ability to accelerate to their max speed extremely quickly which will get defenders out of position, create breakaways/odd-man rushes, and to not get caught in a wrong position offensively and defensively.
  4. BowTie

    Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Schroeder SCOORREESSS 2-1 US
  5. Don't those new RX9s look sick?

  6. Not too many people's names are Gelato. I thought you were the same person.

  7. I think your sig about the lines, is the only one I like....it realistic not like the others. Good job. :)

  8. I saw your sig there. I have an account too.

  9. lol how did u know i have an EA acct o_O

  10. BTW, make the same avatar change on the EA forums.