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  1. Letter from Mike Gillis to Canucks STH

    Honestly still the same old blah blah blah. Grabner was lazy useless player who did not wake up until he was waived from florida hodges on was and is slow and ehrhoff signed for 50 million ten year contract . All smart moves in a cap world. Note. Hodgson's new contract with the sabres over paid and would not fit under our cap.
  2. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    Love torts,on a side note princess j stock has to be one of the biggest losers on TV.
  3. . Indeed the only reason to read any MG or Kassian post is for a giggle . I am one who assumes most of these replies are simply Alberta posts because the phlems and toiler boards are pretty empty just like their teams. But hey if nothing else these threads scream stay in school kids
  4. Too Early to call Kassian a dissapointment?

    I always love a Kassian thread. All the same tired old Cody boys still weeping in their geritol.