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  1. Absolutely agree. Wonder how many games Methot would have gotten if he had done that to Crosby. All with the entire TV world able to watch Crosby skate off the ice with his finger dangling and out of the game for weeks afterwards. I'm guessing it would've been at least a two game suspension. NHL's double standard for star players is ridiculous and nearly criminal. If I was the NHLPA I would be getting pissed off on stuff like this.
  2. If that's considered goalie interference then my name is Benjamin Franklin.
  3. Just started watching to see them score and make it 3-1. Am I in the twilight zone?
  4. Thanks. Can't believe a Canucks fan would've given me a negative on that considering what Doughty and LA has done against the Canucks. Love him on team Canada, would love him on the Canucks but with LA he too often does the whiny superstar act and gets away with cheap stuff like the rest of that team.
  5. After the crap LA has pulled over the past number of years, especially in the playoffs, can we give Tkachuk a medal for this elbow and then just a warning to not to do it to any other teams? Except Boston of course.
  6. The Sedins and Granlund in this game. I like this type of play. Keep it rolling it's fun to watch.
  7. Hutton should've changed, he had a split opportunity to do so but didn't take it. A young D mistake, so who cares as long as he learns from it. Not like an extra point was going to propel the Nucks into the playoffs anyways.
  8. That would've been sarcasm.
  9. Two trips in the last minute and no call for either one? Canucks would've been choked if the Ducks had scored.
  10. When it's a slash on a Kings player? Yes. If it was against Henrik, it would have to be a two hander about neck high before a call is made.
  11. I agree with you 100%, but why is WD not playing Goldobin. Seasons over, play all your young guys.
  12. If WD doesn't get fired after this season I swear management is brain dead.