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  1. It's not goalie interference when you get driven into the goalie
  2. Okay, thanks.
  3. I'm confused. What's wrong with the title of the thread? Or did it get edited since you made this comment?
  4. As much as I feel for the guy and agree with him, did not Ryan Miller check past Canucks history before accepting the deal to come here? Should be expecting this stuff, I have for the past 30 so years.
  5. Late cheap hit by Burns hurts Hank but at least Burrows rubs some salt in the wound at the end. Hate how the Sedins still do not get the respect they deserve from officials and players alike. Whatever Henrik has, hope it's not serious. Don't really care too much if the Canucks win these days, just nice to see (a near) 60min effort.
  6. Cheap second hit by Burns right in front of the linesman (or ref?). Was there not a penalty on that?
  7. Okay I don't really want to see the Canucks win too many games to end the season but the reffing tonight sucks royally. Just want to watch good clean entertaining games with the young kids trying hard. Btw, why is so many people getting all pissed off on here that they're now losing, yet all you see on other threads is people wanting a higher draft pick? I'm completely confused on the mentality of Canucks fans.
  8. A process.
  9. Geez, did half of all of slickjim23's posts come in this thread? It's ridiculous, is there an ignore function that I don't know of?
  10. Just starting watching and thought he same thing. How do they expect to lose 5-2 if they go up by 3 goals.
  11. You've been watching the Canucks since you were 14. So based on the quality of that post, all of a week now?
  12. It is amazing isn't it? Whether it's players or guys in the media, shows there's a lot of simple minded people in the hockey world.
  13. Guess you're not a true Canucks fan then, no worries. Junior? Maybe, but being 35 years old I don't really consider myself that anymore. Thanks for making me feel like a young kid.
  14. Excuse me what? Gees, as much as I like those guys, they make millions, could care less if they lose to the Canucks. If your a Canucks fan you want them to win no matter who they're playing against.
  15. He said that Henrik started it when he skated past the bench which obviously was before Dorsett got there. Still haven't seen any video of what actually happened before seeing Dorsett there. Be interesting to find out what was said.