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  1. Not always that easy I'm afraid.
  2. If Detroit had picked Henrik Zetterberg in the first round there would have been rioting in the streets in Detroit, so who knows. Not that I'm comparing this kid to Zetterberg but we will have to wait and see. Not holding my breath though, I'm a jaded Canucks fan for over 30 years. Interesting read if you want to read it. http://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/should-the-canucks-draft-elias-pettersson-1.20342866
  3. Garbage move by Kessel. Should be suspended for a game for that but won't happen.
  4. Nothing wrong with that man, he played his ass off when he was with the Canucks, did everything we expected of him and more. Sure his demand for a trade was a douche move but whatever, not like he owed us anything. Except maybe a Cup?
  5. Lindholm is literally at the top of the crease when Zolnierczyk squeezes through but whatever. We'll agree to disagree. Couldn't care less who wins the series I'm just being unbiased and want to see a good series. So far so good.
  6. It is still allowed and if he had scored it would not have been a penalty. But he ran the goalie after the save which equals goalie interference.
  7. Zolnierczyk tried to squeeze his way through between Lindholm and Gibson by going through the crease, definitely a no goal. Second one he wasn't angled into the goalie, he could have gone straight past instead of cutting through the crease. NBC feed also called both as being obvious no goals, I far enjoy watching them than CBC. They seem to know the rules unlike too many of the CBC schmucks.
  8. You mean the allowed goal that Nashville scored? The other "two" were disallowed because the players ran into Gibson, they weren't pushed.
  9. Not a hockey play when you run the goalie after he makes the save. It's considered goalie interference.
  10. Hope not, want to see a good game 7. Both goals weren't his fault anyways, total screw up by Oshie on the 2 on 1 goal and non-existent defensive coverage on Malkin for the 2nd.
  11. Don't forget the blatant pick in OT.
  12. That rule is surprising to Ron MacLean? How many years has he been covering this game and he doesn't know that one yet? He's not really that dumb I hope.
  13. Not in the crease, it's a goal regardless of hitting the goalie. That's not the part of the rules. Of course Toronto makes it up as they go so who knows.
  14. I'm not necessarily talking about the fans in the arena. Seems you had a good experience so that's always nice to hear. My cousin and sister lives there who are Canucks fans and my brother-in-law is a flames fan, though my sister has converted him into a part time Canucks fan. Anyways, it's almost all their Edmonton area born friends and neighbors that are annoying as hell. Talking about all their talent up front, how great they were and all their cup wins. Then the same old immature Sedin bashing and BS like that. Makes me wanna go Gino on them sometimes.