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  1. The Hawks out scored the Canucks 12-2 in games 4 &5, I don't think it was the refs, LOL.
  2. (Proposal) Miller to SJ

    In a goalie and cap strapped world he might just have zero value.
  3. [Proposal] Malkin to Van City

    You won't get Malkin for junk. You didn't offer one decent trade chip to land him. It will take some premium young talent to land him.. The Canucks likely don't have the pieces to outbid other teams.
  4. Do you really believe that? Because the majority of the core of that team is not currently playing for the Canucks. Canucks are about as far away from being a contender in 5 years as any team in the NHL. Take a look at the elite contenders today, and who in the Canucks systems look like they will be those types of players?
  5. (Value of) Brent Seabrook

    You might want to watch the playoffs, he's been exceptionally solid in helping the Hawks to the finals.
  6. Miller has negative value, no one wants the "has to pass through waivers" Markstrum, and Lack is our best bet going forward and has real value.
  7. Vancouver - Edmonton [Proposal]

    It's because those players have so little trade value. In a cap world, they are fungible players and have little value.
  8. Ultimately VAN - SJS

    San Jose isn't moving their most valuable rebuilding chip (it's 9th pick) for a goalie, when there are bunch of goalies available for free.
  9. (proposal) couple of trades for a retool

    Chicago can, and will, afford Seabrook. And if they decided to trade him, 29 other teams would line up and offer huge stuff for him.
  10. Nashville isn't trading Seth Jones. If they decided to move him, it would be for 1 year of an older pretty good d-man. Think about it? They wouldn't trade him for Hammy, Horvat and Vancouver's 2016 1st round pick.
  11. [Proposal] Rebuilding

    The Ismanders have goalie issues that lack will solve. Halak had one of the best stat lines in the NHL last year. And his .926save % in the playoffs indicate he wasn't he problem.
  12. Van - Col, Van - SJS (Proposal)

    While Bonino is a decent player, the difference between #10 and #23 in this draft is huge, and not a fungible player. Miller may have been a world class goalie, but he's got negative value today. No way SJ gives up 9th over all when you can get better and cheaper on the UFA market.
  13. (Proposal) BIG 10

    "Always bet on black", as Wesley Snipes said in Passenger 57.
  14. (1) Why would Tampa trade a d-man they love for one the Canucks hate? (2) The Phillies take a bunch of junk and bad cap space for the #6 pick? (3) Junk and lots of cap spec for a 2nd? It's easy to GM when you get rid of all your junk for great value. You haven't traded one piece that really matters to the Canucks.
  15. Blockbuster with San Jose

    2 teams both desperately in need of a rebuild aren't good trade partners.