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  1. LOL, that's pretty bad for Colorado. A d-man who has negative value and a third line centre for one of their core players.
  2. Players like Shisa and Gaunce together likely have zero value, since Sbisa has negative value. You aren't getting a 2nd line player without giving up something of real value, not for bits and scraps.
  3. Sibsa has negative value. The Canucks get a ton of value, and give up some value. Not nearly enough. You probably gave up enough for Barrie only.
  4. He hasn't put up 40 points, and he was getting premium ice time including PP time.
  5. I bet they wouldn't.
  6. What needs? Filling their team with worse players?
  7. I didn't say that Miller at $3M was worthless, I just said that SJ wasn't going to give up a 1st round pick for him, when they have the younger, cheaper and better goalie.
  8. You think the compensation for offering sheeting Jones (so Columbus doesn't match) is a 1st and a 3rd? That's about a 5 year, $5.5M contract. Goos luck with that.
  9. Adding Stamkos and Lucic to this team would still be a team that doesn't make the playoffs.
  10. Sbisa and Miller would go unclaimed on waivers, they have negative value. The Isle goaltending has been excellent this season, you may want to spank that fact checker of yours. It's how you turn one of the worse rosters in the league into a contender. Take two players who aren't particularly good on bad contracts, and trade them for a highly sought after player. You save $5M in cap space and dump two bad players. And justify by saying the teams needs an upgrade in a spot where they have two players way better than the player you are giving them. The $9M+ in cap space that Miller and Sbisa take up is a tremendous negative value to this players. You can't get rid of it and at the same time get a great layer in return. Especially considering the saved cap space gets you Lucic. So, in effect, you get Lucic and Hamonic for Miller and Sbisa. Good luck with that.
  11. The Canucks are not a player or 2 away from contending. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.
  12. Eriksson will likely get 6 years. Okposo about the same. Reimer wants $6M apparently. He won't get that, but c'mon, 2 years at $2M? Players aren't going to be lining up to take huge discounted contracts to play for a cellar dweller. Miller has negative value, with ones being quite a bit better. SJ isn't going to give up a 1st round pick it doesn't have yo take on a negative contract, even at half value.
  13. Why would the Canucks and Phoenix be trading UFA for UFA? Each should be moving their UFA's for picks/prospects. Why would Vancouver trade assets for a UFA to be they likely aren't gong to sign?
  14. Toronto isn't moving out a 1st round pick (currently a potential lottery pick with the Penquins not in the playoffs) for a $6M below average goalie on a continuing cap hit. There is a reason why the Canucks would love to move Miller, and a reason why no one will touch him.
  15. Miller is a below average goalie with a $6M cap hit. Vancouver is stuck with him, he has negative value. Higgins and Prust was available for simply taking on their cap hit, and no one bit. Again, they have negative value due to their continuing cap hits.