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  1. NOOOOOOO Dunfield has been traded... This is horrible news He was my favourite player!!
  2. Congratulations to the Whitecaps for the W. Not getting much love from CDC I see but Empire was great, as usual I think the events since Wednesday were pretty heavy on everyone's minds... The commentators went off on a tangent somewhere in the second half and I could really hear the disgust in one of the commentator's voices, only to have Martin Nash refute and say that the rioters weren't sports fans, as sports fans come for the game, and that "99%" of Vancouverites condemn those acts. I haven't followed the Caps much since NHL playoffs but I do follow a few on Twitter, and they are such awesome people. I think they wanted to win an extra bit more today to offer a reprieve for the city... Thanks Caps <3
  3. Oh dear I just heard about this on Twitter I know very little about soccer so I'm not sure how much of the team's record is his fault. Well that's too bad. Good luck TT. Edit: The Southsiders are very upset with this move... Apparently the new coach is a total loser. TT seemed like a real classy guy that probably just needed more time. I will trust the Whitecaps owners though...
  4. Hopefully the roof will be ready by then.
  5. Hopefully we'll get a chance to. I hear that the team will have to make the post-season if they wanna play a game in BC Place, because it won't be done till after the regular season is over
  6. I made that post a few minutes before the match started, where it was empty... I'm pleased with the turnout, all things considered Too bad we couldn't get a win, but such a late tying goal... Can't complain
  7. Do not!
  8. Stands are nearly completely empty... Where are the Southsiders?
  9. Martin Nash tweeted that Steve will be at the game today... Hopefully he can be a good luck charm (or motivator for the team).. Also, dreadful weather! Usually rainy home games would clear up by game time >_>
  10. Heard it here in E. Van! Love thunderstorms
  11. But "goalie" is still accepted, yes? :D
  12. Oh I see, so it is a farm team.
  13. I have a question about the "reserve team"... Is this name for a farm team in the MLS? If so why was our goalie playing in the Caps reserve team?
  14. I wonder if there will be any Martin Nash jerseys for sale. I'd still like to get his, seeing as he's been with the organization so long. But yes I wish Bell's name wasn't on the front either. I took a look at a few in Lougheed and it made me feel like a billboard. However I'm sure they wouldn't be willing to sponsor our team if their logo wasn't plastered in plain view
  15. Those poor elderly people. I know the medical workers can't be blamed, but it sounds so barbaric, just leaving them to die together