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  1. Canucks final game Edmonton..anyone going?

    Wow it's safe to say you really know your way around Rogers Place. Thank you kindly again for such great helpful info. Look forward to meeting you and this very special event. Oh I reserved a table at Curve 630pm in order to avoid lineup and freezing in cold weather lol..will just order one appy till they let us in SN at 7pm. Plan to park at casino for free I'm actually just flying in and flying out first thing in morning so will just drive around and view Edmonton (first time)..then head to airport lounge when it finally opens at 430am lol and board plane at 650am :). Thanks again!!!
  2. Canucks final game Edmonton..anyone going?

    I was thinking the same Hope to see lot of canucks fans there!!
  3. Canucks final game Edmonton..anyone going?

    Thank you kindly for the great info. We'll be in canucks gear as well. Will look for you guys .We'll be the Koreans...easy to spot lol. Our seats are in SNAA R2. Yes hope the food will be good Thanks again!!
  4. Canucks final game Edmonton..anyone going?

    Great idea..hopefully we can think of good one to chant!!!
  5. Canucks final game Edmonton..anyone going?

    That's awesome...guess can spot you as you will be wearing canucks jersey? But if you're season ticket holder...oilers fan? One question...what time can we enter Sportsnet section? they said doors open one hour before game time which will be at 7...usually it is two hours prior in most other arenas like Rogers Vancouver.
  6. Hey guys not sure if it's OK to start a new thread about this Saturday's final game at Edmonton. I just booked my flight and bought tickets. Anyone else going? Tickets are abundant. Best deals are actually resale site...prices in Canada. Way better than stubhub or anything else that sells in usd $. Can't believe I was able to get seats in Sportsnet Lounge Club section..comes with buffet and non alcohol drinks..I see there are still bunch of seats left. The flights however is bit pricey...but this will be exciting and sad at the same time to witness the hall of famers last game.
  7. Jannik Hansen

    100% agree! Hansen is one of hardest working players and has good skillset. Hope he retires here indeed.
  8. Time to Bring Back Zack Kassian!

    Really wish Kassion was not out for the season ....really could use him tonight!
  9. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    I totally agree. Gillis is smart and has keen sense of hockey talent. The list of great players he brought in is long. if the owners let him manage without meddling. ..we would still be contenders.
  10. OMG Snow?

  11. OMG Snow?

    Great to see snow in Vancouver finally!!
  12. Jannik Hansen

    Proably kicking yourself now . Hansen is definitely a important part of the Canucks!
  13. OMG Snow?

    Today's news said not much snow this winter. This was after they said few months ago worst winter in 30years!!
  14. Jannik Hansen

    Huge part of me wishes that happens and I wouldn't be shocked if he does pump in 30+ goals!!!