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  1. 100% agree! Hansen is one of hardest working players and has good skillset. Hope he retires here indeed.
  2. I think the Canuck players get jacked up b/c most didn't like Kesler...bad teammate and forcing a trade...booooooooo!
  3. Really wish Kassion was not out for the season ....really could use him tonight!
  4. I totally agree. Gillis is smart and has keen sense of hockey talent. The list of great players he brought in is long. if the owners let him manage without meddling. ..we would still be contenders.
  5. lol
  6. Great to see snow in Vancouver finally!!
  7. Proably kicking yourself now . Hansen is definitely a important part of the Canucks!
  8. Today's news said not much snow this winter. This was after they said few months ago worst winter in 30years!!
  9. Huge part of me wishes that happens and I wouldn't be shocked if he does pump in 30+ goals!!!