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  1. Metal detectors being introduced this year... chaos?

    Sadly this is the world we live in...there are determined bad people(terrorists) who only want to kill those who don't believe what they do. The only people who will be concerned are those have something to hide.
  2. Will the Sedins win the Stanley Cup before they retire?

    Hopefully 2016...kk
  3. Thanks for a good year

    Next season hopes...again .....
  4. Certainly hope we do try to sign him. ..At the right money $ I would totally keep him.
  5. What was with WD?

    Well even Gillis said in general WD should have done things differently in the playoffs....oh well
  6. Changes needed

    One change that is needed is lower the season ticket prices as it is cheaper to buy on the secondary market like StubHub, Craiglist etc... .
  7. This Summer is the Test for Benning

    My personal opinion is I always felt Gillis was an incredible GM to bring us to odds on favorites for the Stanley Cup 2011, 2 back to back President Trophy's. I always felt after ownership got too involved Gillis couldn't make the decisions he really wanted. Even Benning said IF the Canucks were not so injured Boston would have NOT won the Cup.
  8. Booming shot d man. Grit toughness. ..
  9. Sedins playing hurt

    Totally agree. our best players ..the canucks would be way below average without the twins. ..
  10. I still think he has lot of upside. ... if we can get him for decent price. .I would resign him 10000%
  11. If we won Game 7 in 2011

    There would be no idiots causing embarrassing riot ...
  12. Kassian is coming along nicely imo. He makes the Sedins more dangerous and they make him a more impact type player playing to his strengths. That is what teams should want. Totally agree! Can't wait till next season
  13. Losing Burrows cost Canucks the series

    Definitely would keep Burrows.....crazy that people think we should trade him. He puts in 100% effort every night!