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  1. Benning and Linden quotes on Draft Prospects

    Someone who advocates trading Boeser and Demko is definitely a Calgary mole.
  2. Based on the fact the team with the largest percentage of Canadian players usually wins the Cup, you would think the money is best placed on Vegas. But I don't think you can count out Ovie.... He seems to be on a mission this year... and the rest of the Caps seem to be buying in. Not sure who I'm hoping for, kinda just would like to see some good games. I think it all depends on Fleury... if he can continue his amazing play then Vegas will pull it off.
  3. Yeah the Golden Knights lost... they were asleep in the first two periods... not surprising after a week off. All I can say is William Karlsson is for real and not a fluke. Jets should win this series, but anyone who thinks Vegas will go away next year has another thought coming.
  4. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    No surprise... its fixed.
  5. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    Yes, Winnipeg is a real contender... Calgary? No... they have actually improved too early. Calgary is now stuck in the grey zone between making the playoffs and just missing them... they draft poorly and yet aren't a contender. Winnipeg is stacked.... big, fast, strong, good goaltending and a mean tough defense... and with a goalscorer in Laine who will be devastating League goalies for years to come.
  6. Yeah, Linden, Benning and crew are responsible for the injury bug which hit this team, and they are also responsible for the team dropping in its draft position instead of rising. What would you be saying if we had be lucky enough to move up to draft Mathews or Laine? Suddenly Benning is a genius? Or if all the injuries in December hadn't happened? Your conclusions are just stupid.
  7. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    I agree with what management has been doing. The results have not been there but that is mostly due to bad luck from injuries and other factors beyond their control like bad luck in the draft lottery. Come back next year and see where the team is then.
  8. A Bad Restaurant

    Your analogy is stupid... Hockey is not food. A meal can be made in a few minutes... a hockey team can take years to develop.
  9. Although his play has not been splashy or spectacular, I am liking what I am seeing from Darren Archibald. He plays well on the shutdown line, he had some chemistry going with Sutter and Eriksson until the latter got himself injured. And while he hasn't gotten in a lot of fights, (1?) I am noticing a definite cooling in the tendency of other teams to try to play the intimidation card. Arch is a big solid presence and all he has to do when there is a scrum where one of our smaller players is being confronted, is to scate over and the opposing side tends to duck their heads and fade into the background. He is also chipping in offensively and definitely likes to hit. I like the way he shows patience and doesn't panic. Everyone loved Dorsett, but in many ways, Archibald accomplishes more without all the drama.... maybe not the offensive output, but he is still finding his way in the scoring area.
  10. We don't have a lot of choices in the matter. He is signed with the Canucks for a while. Let's hope next season will be better. I have been observing a definite improvement in his play when he is placed with Sutter and Archibald... so it may be that is where he ends... on the shutdown line.
  11. Scr*w the negative Media in this town. Totally agree with EF.
  12. Really tired of turning to these boards and hearing a bunch of drunken know-nothing whiners complain about the team. I'll say it: I like the direction the team is going in. I like the foundation which is being built. Yeah, in the standings, the team is nowhere... but there is a reason for that. The Canucks came out of the gate well... showed good confidence and resilience and were several games over .500 when the massive wave of injuries hit... and that is what killed the team this year... not bad players, or lack of talent. Almost 20 games of being beaten down with an AHL lineup cost most of the team's confidence. Now Green is trying to rebuild the team's identity again, and that is not an easy task in the middle of the season. But even if this team does not rebound this season, there is huge room for optimism next year. Anyone with half a brain can look at our prospects and see they are stacked. How many are leading their leagues in scoring or any number of stats? A lot. Of course, the instant gratification/short attention span bozos who populate this board can't see what is front of their faces because they have just downed a two pack of cheap beer and their eyeballs are rotating back in their skulls. You know what? F* 'em all. If they are too stupid to see what is being built, then they are too stupid to be worth paying any attention to. Trevor and Jim: Keep on doing what you're doing and don't waste your time listening to the droolers howling at the moon.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

    Everyone who is bleating about Canuck's needing to lose all their remaining game take a pill. It's all luck now... the 30th team only has 1 chance in 5 of getting the #1 draft choice. Just because Bettman fixed the lottery for Toronto doesn't mean he'll do the same for Vancouver... in fact the opposite. Everyone needs to relax and just let the team play out the season and continue the learning experience. Nice thing about this game... Archibald continues his good play and the Sutter line looks better and better... hopefully Eriksson isnt' injured.
  14. German Coach and players showed their inexperience and nerves... had the game, just needed to rag the puck for a few minutes... duh! Russians buckled down in the overtime and just got the job done. Would have been nice to see Germany win, but Datsyuk well deserved a gold medal too. Guess Minnesota is going to start looking at calling up Kirill Kaprizov REAL soon. And would you believe Nikita Gusev's rights are owned by Tampa...? as if they don't already have enough allstar forwards.
  15. Luongo to Parkland Victims

    Lots of fingers being pointed at the deputy who didn't go in the school. And yes, he should have gone in. But the fact is, even if he did, the chances he would have been able to take out the shooter was probably less than 50/50. A handgun up against an AR15? I'll take the rifle every time. Not to mention you have to ask yourself how many kids would have been injured in the crossfire? Frankly what Trump and the NRA is advocating, i.e. arming teachers or putting AR15 armed police in the schools is not the solution. Any kid who spends time in a school will know the routine of the guard, and can shoot him down... and they will also know which teacher has a weapon. And imagine the carnage if a guard and a shooter are exchanging fire with AR15's over the heads of kids? The only sensible solution is to remove the AR15/assault rifle... just like it was removed in Canada, Australia, etc. where there were also school/college shootings UNTIL these weapons were removed, and where now there are next to no shootings. THE US HAS A SCHOOL SHOOTING THREE TIMES A WEEK. The reason is very simple... too much access to weapons. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5581283/school-shootings-2018-america-us-how-many-florida-parkland-shooting/