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  1. Terrific game by the entire team... I don't think a single player had a bad night. Marky and Bo set the tone... Marky by coming back to stone the Bruins after that cheap shot stick in the face and Bo by flying around hitting, scoring and taking no sh*t from anyone. All the role players were on top of their game and smothering the Bruins... Motte, Beagle, Gaudette, Virtanen, Sutter, etc. etc. breaking up plays in the neutral zone, killing penalties, jumping on the Bruins D... they gave Boston no chance to get a rhythm going. Both the top lines were playing hard... Pettersson, Miller and Tofoli were all around the net taking advantage of their opportunities. And Bo, Pearson and Eriksson were relentless in the forecheck. The D was great... most of the time pucks collected and out of the zone in one or two efficient passes. Even when the Bruins put on some pressure, most of the time they didn't crack, but found a way to turn over the puck and get it out... Edler, Stecher, Myers, Tanev and Fantenberg were great along the wall moving Bruins off the puck and knocking people down. But for me the key guy in the game, (besides Markstrom who was great as always) was Quinn Hughes. I am beginning to believe this kid is the next most valuable player to Marky. He is so smart, so skilled, so effortless in his skating, so shifty. He is so dynamic the other team gets drawn to him like a magnet... then someone on the Canucks gets open... and the puck is on their stick on a perfect pass from Hughes. He is also equally dynamic defensively... he can skate the puck out of the zone or make a pass from deep in the corner like few players. I love Pettersson and he is a STAR, but Hughes may ultimately be the more valuable acquisition. Hughes WILL win the Calder unless he is injured. I still think Green is the wrong coach for this team... he doesn't have the skills to teach them the offensive game they could play... but there is so much offensive talent on this team now that it doesn't really matter. The only cloud on the horizon is there will be a big time CAP crunch in the future. --- Oh yeah... What a bunch of thugs the Bruins are. From start to finish of the game it was the same old same old. No Boston wasn't satisfied with their cheapshot on Petersson in Boston, they feel a need to continue in Vancouver. First the fly by stick in the mask of Markstrom.... if you really believe that was accidental then you really need to watch the Bruins more. They know Marky is the key to the Canucks success, and they wanted to take him out of the game. It's always the same with the Bruins.... someone on the opposing team gets injured by a 'unintentional accident'... and that player is a key for the other team. Then when Bo starts to show he is going to dominate the game... they start with the slashing and hi sticks.... if you believe Bo got mad enough to fight for no reason, you are living in dreamland. Coyle was hacking and slashing for multiple shifts before Bo dropped the gloves. Then Myers makes an excellent clean hit and Chara jumps him without giving him a chance to turn around or drop the gloves. All those who think Chara is a nice guy need to start watching less of After Hours and more of what is happening on the ice. Then the next few shifts after Pettersson scored his goal, they started head hunting him... You could clearly see Chara and serveral other Bruins players try to line him up for a cheapshot... fortunately Petey has seen that show before and managed to avoid getting nailed. Then the Bruins got distracted by another Canuck when Quinn Hughes did his magic and make them all look like fools... so they start with the slashing and hi-sticking on him. Hughes got high sticked to the face at least twice that I saw, behind the play and when the Refs weren't looking. More of the usual Bruins cr*p. For whatever reason the league lets these creeps get away with this stuff... and its usually worse in the playoffs. Canucks really should bring over Tryamkin for exactly this reason. Put him in the lineup and play him whenever they are up against the Bruins... Chara would find he is a little more challenged by Big T.
  2. So when did they release Ferland's medical reports? Or did you put on your tinfoil hat to make this prediction? Ferland is like any hockey player... he wants to be on the ice. I doubt very much he gives up without one more go at it in 2020/2021. And if he is ready to lace them up, then the Canucks need to make space for him under the CAP.
  3. Bad Trade... mortgaging the future for a short term rental. #1 This team is not ready to contend... maybe this will get them into the playoffs, but they won't go deep... they just don't have the experience. The only way this could payoff with a long run is if Marky stands on his head in the playoffs... but the playoffs are a different rodeo for goalies... lot more jostling, crease crashing and other physical play which has been shown to put Marky off his game. #2 Toffoli is a free agent this summer... the chances the Canucks can re-sign him in the off season is remote... they already have CAP problems. What are they going to do when Ferland comes back off LTIR? Toffoli is on a $4.6 million dollar contract... and it is unlikely he'll sign for less than $4.25. Unless Ferland is ready to retire, this doesn't work. Canucks also need to sign Tanev... otherwise they will have a hole in their D. Not to mention Marky is going to cost a lot more. Sorry, but this is a big error on the part of Benning. Two picks and a prospect. I don't see Schaller as a big loss... he was a bad signing anyway. But those picks and Madden are not easily replaced. Maybe Benning is getting pressure from the Aqualini's to make the playoffs... in that case, they are making a mistake... this move will backfire on the chances of this team to build a real contender with multiple years in the post season.
  4. Another outstanding 3rd period by Marky... although it likely wouldn't matter... Cause the way Minnesota is playing they were not coming back... they should blow it up at the deadline. Trade some their older vets like Zuccarello or Zucker and get some draft picks... they are not going anywhere. Very poorly played game by the Wild... took way too many penalties.... mostly stupid and selfish and two of them killed their own PP. Canucks didn't play particularly well... PP needs work, but overall looked good next to the Wild.
  5. Yep, and Mark Messier was worshipped among the Media and the League when Keenan brought him onto the Canucks. But I never liked him since the '94 series and knew he wouldn't do anything for the team. Chalk up one for me and none for the bandwagoners. Maybe I'm wrong about Green, but personally I think he is fired by end of next season latest.
  6. Those women are assumed alive since their photos were taken not too long ago. In Iran they don't have to wear the full veils and can reveal their hair.... unlike Saudi Arabia. Also this lady from Tehran: All come from the "The Atlas of Beauty" which is a series of photographs of women from around the world take by a Romanian woman photographer: https://theatlasofbeauty.com/ I like to look at the photos when I'm feeling like I'm losing my faith in humanity.
  7. You are not too smart are you? Read my posts... I am happy to see the Canucks winning... I have been a fan for 40 years... I was inside Pacific Coliseum for Game 6 in '94. What doesn't impress me is a coach who doesn't know enough how to use his players.
  8. Oh the logic and rationality in this response is so amazing.
  9. No question the current government of Iran are bad actors. But this bombing will just make the hard liners more popular... its a natural reaction to support your own country when someone attacks... and what's worse it will give the hardliners an excuse to crack down more on the moderate and progressive Iranian reformers. This is now a distraction from the movement in Iran to reform and replace the hard liners... and will set back the reforms. And as mentioned, the same applies in Iraq... previously protests had been against corruption in the government... now that is overshadowed by the fact the US is dropping bombs next to the country's own International Airport... what would you think if the US dropped bombs on someone in the approach lanes to VGH? And by the way, women in Iran have more rights than those in Saudi Arabia... which Drumpf supports religiously. It is also one of the most advanced countries in that region when it comes to medical care and social support systems. Maybe you think it is ok to bomb it, but personally I disagree. Meanwhile Drumpf is talking about bombing its cultural sites and museums... with some of the oldest relics of human development anywhere. Maybe his strikes will kill this economist: Or this violin student:
  10. Power Play is one of the few parts of the Canuck team game which is working as it should. I have no complaints... other than that the team is relying on it to generate goals too much.
  11. Wrong example... the guy Edler crushed came out of the corner and scored. You should have picked the Myers check that stopped a cycle.
  12. Don't mistake my criticism of Green for criticism of the team and its players. I think this team has unbelievable talent... Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat, Miller, Boeser, Markstrom, Demko, Gaudette, Virtanen, etc. etc. But that talent is not being used to its potential offensively because the coaching and systems are not in place.
  13. Never said the majority of the Canuck's goals were on the PP... I said a disproportionate amount were on the PP. Canucks have the highest percentage of total team goals by PP compared to any team in the league. Teams which lead the league have a low percentage of goals by PP.... like Boston and Washington... they are not reliant on the PP anywhere near as much as the Canucks.
  14. Wasn't it not too long ago the US couldn't wait to get out of Iraq because so many American soldiers were being killed by IED Bombs??? Obama pulled out most of his active soldiers. Then they were put back in to deal with the creation of ISIS... Obama had mostly finished the job, then Drumpf came in and said he wanted to unilateraly withdraw... said ISIS was defeated. Now Drumpf is reversing himself again and saying he won't leave no matter what Iraq says... wonder what the American people will say when the whole country of Iraq becomes outraged and starts making bombs and killing Americans? Logic never was Drumpf's strong point.