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  1. Sorry to disagree with the band wagon jumpers... I find this season to be one of the more entertaining I have seen in a while. It's great to watch all the young guys develop... especially the defense. And the goaltending has been great. I think the main reason for the run for the exits was the long losing streak early... since then all the wishy washy fans have tuned out. This isn't Toronto where they have 10 million people to draw from and a h*ll of a lot of corporate support. But if the team continues to play as it has lately, I see a turnaround happening.
  2. I hope the people who are constantly whining about trading Miller have paid attention to the last two games he played. He stole this one... literally sucked the life out of the Tampa shooters, by the end of his time in the game you could see they didn't believe they could beat him except by a fluke. Skille finally scores... Very nice goals, hope we see more like that, but I am not betting the farm. Jason Megna on the other hand, I think he can be expected to continue to play well. Good game by Gudbranson, decent game by Biega.
  3. Yeah and of course the Canucks were automatically guaranteed the first or second pick right?
  4. Stupid article. The Leafs are doing slightly better than the Canucks because: #1 They got lucky, won the lottery and Auston Mathews #2 The Franchise has more money than it knows what to do with and can afford to throw money at Coaches and GM's... so they have L.L. and Babs. But their actual team is not very good, and they lack D. If they end up midpack, make the playoffs, then Leafs fans will be doomed to another 10 years of mediocrity... Mathews can't win a Cup on his own.
  5. #1 The Sedins have a no-trade clause #2 The President and GM say they will not be traded #3 No team in the league is going to accept 14 million in CAP for two guys who are on a clear downhill trajectory and whose characteristics are exactly the opposite of what every team in the league is looking for... ie. speed and transition. The only way the Canucks could trade the Sedins, (and as said there are #1 and #2 above) is if they ate 1/2 of their salary and CAP hit, (7 million) and accepted garbage in return... ie. a couple of older has beens whose combined value equals 7 million.
  6. O'Sullivan is a jerk and a whiner. He seems to be constantly looking for publicity and PR... and what easier way to get it than to be in Toronto and to badmouth Vancouver. Well we all know how entitled Toronto as a franchise is... they are a complete failure.... worse than the Canucks by a large margin if you take 1970 as the starting point. Vancouver has been to the finals three times since then... the Leafs none... the Canucks have a much better record of making the playoffs.... that despite the fact Toronto is the richest franchise in the league. The Leafs are a destructive force in the NHL, preventing expansion in Hamilton when that should be a gimme... just to monopolize 1/3 of Canada's population for their own ticket sales... how can Hamilton be refused a franchise, when Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg are allowed one? Hamilton can draw from a large fan base than any of these. Toronto owners are self-entitled boors who think the world should grant them a free pass. Leafs fans are just not smart enough to know they are being sold a bill of goods. And O'Sullivan specializes in sucking up to that same deluded fan base.
  7. I stand corrected... if the problem was physical not motivational, then I understand why the Canuck's passed on him. The talk around this board and elsewhere was he was lacking in motivation because of his wife recently giving birth. Still doesn't change the fact the current 4th line is not getting the job done... maybe that will change when Dorsett gets back, I hope so. In the meantime they should give Grenier a shot.
  8. Speaking of the 'Tryamkin wall'... Would anyone else like to see big Tree hit some more to break up the cycle? I know the coaches have been working on him getting his positioning right over the last 5-6 games, but more than a few times, in the game tonight he had the opportunity to staple someone onto the boards, but instead retreated back to cover the front of the net when there was no Leaf player anywhere near it. A big physical hit on an opposing forward will break up the cycle faster than just about anything... but giving them the space just lets the process continue... obviously you don't want Tryamkin to be chasing, but if there is the opportunity to make a big hit, he should take it. Also makes the opposing forwards a lot more cautious about retrieving a puck if there is a chance they will pay a BIG physical cost.
  9. That's your opinion... I am seeing something different... and the shots on goal in the third and OT tell the story. The Sedins were out more than anyone in OT... Shots on goal 7-1.
  10. The difference is... Toronto's top three lines are YOUNG... Vancouver has two younger lines... and the Sedins. Sedins were exhausted in the third period and overtime because WD was rolling three lines.
  11. Sure as h*ll hope not... but WD doing that would not surprise me. I think you were being sarcastic...? Tryamkin is learning... he's making some mistakes... but the potential gain in a player at the end of the learning period is far greater than Larsen.
  12. I'm going to add something about the lack of playing time for the 4th line: No present day NHL team can get away with rolling 3 lines all season, especially in the Sedin's case when they are too old and tired... the Sedins cannot and and should not be played 20:00 + minutes a game. Yeah, the 4th line is not scoring... so replace one of them with Grenier so we have some skill on the ice. Or pick up someone else from free-agency or waivers. I believe we made a huge mistake in letting Emerson Etem go on waivers... there had to be a way to get that guy playing the way he did last season. They should have put him on a training program like Tryamkin to get him in shape... Skille was a flash in the pan during training camp which fooled the coaching staff completely... this guy does not have a future in the NHL.
  13. Canucks did not deserve to win this game... but we saw why Ryan Miller is still #1. He stood on his head. But the Canucks were fortunate the Leafs missed some gold-plated chances. Leafs did have the benefit of completely 1 sided Reffing, but what's new... par for the course. Canucks outplayed the Leafs in the 1st period, then started to lose ground in the second. Why did the Canucks have such a tough time in the 2nd and 3rd periods? Because the Sedins were over-utilized. How can WD watch the two Sedins getting slower and slower as the game progresses, and still throw them out on the ice for 22:00 and 20:00 minutes... not to mention poor Brandon Sutter, who has to provide all the defensive coverage and who skates twice as far as the Sedins in a given shift, was out for 22:00. By the overtime the Sedins and Sutter were completely out of gas... and you could see it by the shots for Toronto. WD should have played Eriksson and Granlund a lot more, not to mention Horvat and Baertschi. WD should roll four lines in OT, in this order... Bo, Baertschi and Stecher Daniel, Sutter and Hutton Granlund, Eriksson and Sbisa. Henrik, Burrows and Larsen Double-shifting the Sedins in OT is a mistake. And they should NEVER play together in OT. All the shifts with the Sedins need to be shorter. And the team needs to play smarter... like Eriksson does... don't try some useless 1 on 2 rush... circle back, wait till you have the numbers, then go forward. WD has got to give up on the idea the Sedins are the #1 line... they aren't. And he has got to stop giving them all the offensive zone faceoffs.... make them earn them.
  14. Horrible game from most of the team. 4th line was the best of the Canucks all night... Defense looked shaky. Biggest problem was the Sedins again... last game they seemed to be coming out of their daydream... but right back in it tonight. Out of ideas, timing off, looking very stale. Henrik is passing badly, not looking where he is passing, etc. His goal was the result of Eriksson's work. The 5 on 3 Power Play was an exercise in futility. It is time WD understands the Sedins are no longer a #1 PP unit when playing together. Much better idea to put out the 'second unit' with Bo, etc. and at least have a chance of seeing something go in. But what is really needed is for the Sedins to be split up on the PP, one on each unit... there is a disease which is infecting the Sedins now.... they have 'passitis'... they can't stop passing back and forth between the half boards and behind the net even when it is clear the passing is accomplishing nothing. There is no movement on the PP because of this back and forth between the Sedins. The PP is dead until they can get some movement back in it... and the only way to do that is to split up the Sedins. They also need to have the guys on the points or the half boards try to take the puck to the net every once in a while, otherwise the defense can concentrate on blocking the passes and ignore the threat of the puck may be jammed.
  15. Canucks are a more successful franchise than the Leafs since they came into the league. Since 1970 Canucks have a better record of making the playoffs, have been to 3 Stanley Cup finals, and have higher scoring players. The Leafs Franchise are not only failures, they are a negative force in the league for Canadians. They have the biggest income of any team, yet they are not willing to allow an expansion team in Hamilton. The Leafs are clearly the worst managed team in the League... despite all their advantages.