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  1. I agree. The style of play they use and the roles they play are a big factor. Henrik is most often the guy with the puck, distributing it to Daniel. He has the puck longer, and he is a target for hits more often. How many times have you seen him take a crosscheck to the back when he is behind the net shielding the puck? Daniel is the guy moving to the open ice avoiding checks and taking the pass, he doesn't get hit as much because he doesn't have the puck as much. I think this is the reason we see Henrik having the back problems... and maybe this is the reason why the PP was changed up to position him less behind the net and more on the half wall.
  2. I would not put too much importance in the heights listed... most of the time in the past, Daniel is listed at 6' 1". Back to the weight difference this year: If you look at the Wikipedia pages, which are showing last years stats, we see the difference from this year. Daniel is listed at 6' 1" and 187 lbs, Henrik at 6' 2" and 188 lbs. Only one pound difference. Even if Wiki screwed up and reversed the stats, you can see they are very close in weight. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Sedin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrik_Sedin Hockey Wiki shows the same figures: http://icehockey.wikia.com/wiki/Henrik_Sedin http://icehockey.wikia.com/wiki/Daniel_Sedin The following Canucks fansite which was last updated in 2014/2015 shows Daniel at 6' 1" and 187 lbs and Henrik at 6' 2" at 188 lbs. One pound difference. http://www.ugrad.cs.ubc.ca/~m3w9a/Project/Home.html The point I'm made with my initial post is that these guys were within 1 or two pounds of each others weight throughout their career, now suddenly the difference is 7 pounds. I find that interesting and it suggests something has happened. Anyone who has been an athlete, knows weight is a big factor.
  3. Tryamkin showed a tremendous potential last year, and that deserves at least a shot at some game play this year. This guy's upside is as big as he is, to neglect the opportunity to see if he develops, on a year when the Canucks are not expected to do much is just STUPID. Coaches and Management need to get their heads out from their backsides.
  4. A few people had their bosses yelling at them again I see. Tryamkin was listed at 228 lbs last year... unless that figure is wrong, he has put on 35 + pounds. Not that he weighs too much, but 265 is a lot of weight to move in a game which depends on acceleration and speed. Hutton was listed at 183 lbs last year if I remember correctly so that is a 21 lb gain. Sedins have been listed at within a pound or two of each other for a decade. Last year they were both around 187 lbs. Now Henrik is down at 183 and Daniel is at 190. That tells me something is going on... either conditioning wise, or perhaps as I said, Henrik took some time to recover from his back injury. (remember the back injury???) Some people don't catch the details which tell the story.
  5. Stupid thread which posits a question which is without merit or utility.
  6. Going over the roster, noticed Daniel has put on significant pounds over Henrik. Both of them usually weigh within a pound or two of each other, but this year the difference is 7 pounds. Wonder if they decided on a different conditioning program? Or maybe Henrik wasn't able to push as hard because of recovering from the back injury? I do notice Daniel seems a bit quicker this year. Hoping Henrik can stand up to the punishment he is going to get. Hasn't hurt his goalscoring yet. Noticed also that Hutton has definitely put on muscle... up to 207, a decent weight for a defenseman, last year he was a little light. And Virtanen also seems to have put on more weight, probably just maturing although no doubt conditioning played a part. Wondering about Tryamkin at 265... seems a really big gain but maybe its the N American conditioning systems?
  7. Kid is gold plated.
  8. Put Tryamkin in every game we are up against 'heavy' teams... this is a rebuild year, give the guy a chance to develop. I expected he would be #6 on the charts, was completely surprised to see him in the press box. He showed last year he has amazing potential. Larsen gives the Canucks an offensive advantage and very little defensively... he is not realistically going to stick. What he does is get his shot through in the PP. But there has to be more than that. Either that or trade Sbisa and get a forward or pick for him, and put Tryamkin in his place permanently. Tryamkin is being wasted and the bad feelings which are developing are completely unnecessary. WD should get his head out of his b*tt.
  9. Burrows should be rotated in and out of the lineup, 2 games in, 2 games out. He is no longer capable of a full season. He played well in the first three games, then looked tired in game 4 and 5. Virtanen needs to get his conditioning and confidence back... he should be in Utica for two weeks.
  10. Burrows looked good for the first 4 games... but like the rest of the team, he looked tired against the Kings. So he was reaching and hooking to keep up... with the obvious result. I love the guy, but he should play two games on, two games off. He's too old to play a full schedule. Slot Skille or one of the guys from Utica in his place... give them a chance
  11. How many years have we been asking this question? Anyway, to get to the point, who should be playing with the Sedins? Since Burr lost his footspeed, there has really only been one choice. Eriksson unfortunately has been a bust... the guy is a talented player, but for whatever reason he is not clicking. Baertschi last night was better, but he doesn't have the size... he plays with a lot of grit, but can't apply the hard forecheck. And he plays better with Horvat and Virtanen. It's really time to put Hansen back with the twins... yeah he has chemistry with Sutter, but so does Granlund and maybe Eriksson will if he is put on the second line. Sutter is the kind of guy who can play with anyone. Hansen is a proven performer with the Sedins, and having the twins scoring is still the most important offensive plus this team can have. Do it!
  12. And what I forgot to mention: Combine this defense with the goaltending we have, and suddenly we are one of the stingiest teams around. Markstrom: 1.65 gaa Miller: 0.00 gaa We have a goaltending controversey.... Which one is going to win the Vezina?
  13. (next to Markstrom) Hansen was best player on the ice against the Sabres. He just keeps on playing his heart out for the Canucks season after season.
  14. I think Gudbranson did exactly the right thing when he went back at Larsson. I love his physicality and refusal to back down. He is also a smart and funny guy... you can pick up his sense of humour and intelligence just from the short clips when they interviewed him. I think he is a huge addition to the team.
  15. Only 4 games into the season, and no injuries to complicate things... but it seems to me there has been a seismic change in how the Canuck's blue line is playing. There are no stars, no dominant players, but I really like what I am seeing, and I think the overall balance of the Canuck's D is potential top 10 in the league. I expected much better play with the addition of Gudbranson, but the impact his presence has had is not just on the 3/4 pairing. It has shaken right through the lineup... All of a sudden the pressure is off all of the pairings... Hutton is looking great next to Erik, but so is Sbisa on the 5/6... no more worries about being matched up with the opponent's second line, he can focus on dealing with the 4th line and the bottom feeders. I get a sense the pressure is also off Tanev and Edler. Edler no longer has to be the big physical presence on the blue line, he can focus on his natural style of play, and him playing more relaxed also has Tanev playing better. If Benning only did one thing over the summer, acquiring Gudbranson has to give him a + rating. The only aspect of the Canuck's defense I am not sure of is Larsen. I know they are looking for the first team PP Quarterback, but I am not sure he fits the bill. I'd prefer to see Tryamkin get a chance on the 5/6 to play his way into being a real impact player. The potential upside for him is far greater than Larsen. Right now Larsen does not have a point despite being a regular on the first unit. I'd say put Edler back on the 1st unit, he still has enough skill to manage a role there. Overall, obviously it is early, but I'm really happy with what I am seeing. I am going to give them a B+