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  1. Disagree with the original poster. First of all, how is your rating of a B- grade a 'breakdown'? And of course, the grade isn't fair. There are a lot of positives. The defense and goaltending are excellent. We have yet to see what Brock Boeser will bring. Same with Virtanen. Same with Juolevi. Glass is half full, not half empty.
  2. Yes, the word phrase 'Albatros around the neck' continually springs to mind.
  3. Bad thing about the 2017 draft is the team which finishes 28th gets screwed in the later rounds. Unlike the 1st round where Vegas starts in 6th spot, Vegas picks in the 3rd spot no matter what in the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th, etc. rounds. So if the Canucks finish 28th, and there is no movement, then the Canucks will pick 4th in the later rounds.
  4. You know what...??? I'm good with it. The team is playing hard... our best young guys are playing well, we're losing by a single goal, the games are competitive. And we're likely to draft well. So what's the problem? Only thing I don't like is WD's continued unwillingness to make meaningful line changes... ie. try splitting up the Sedins, try Hansen with the Sedins, etc. If he's going to stick with two Sedins on a line... why isn't he going with Hansen as the linemate??? What does he need to understand? Last season Daniel had 28 goals and Hansen had 22... how is this fact missing from WD's calculations??? The good news is I can't imagine him being kept on as coach next year.
  5. Watching the last few games, getting a clearer idea of Tryamkin's personality. He is still very much a guy who is a little on the insecure side... you can see it by the way he came up to Bo for approval after he set up the goal against St Louis. And the way he checks everytime with Miller or Markstrom to make sure they are ok if there was a crease scramble and they got bumped a little. One thing for sure... as demonstrated by the Calgary game and what happened to Brouwer when he took a cheap shot at Miller... it is not healthy to try poking the Canuck's goalies. The insecurity comes out most strongly when he takes a penalty... he looks like an overgrown kid who's waiting to get a strapping from the teacher. He still is a big kid... who is a little dazzled by his environment, but determined to improve, to do what his coach tells him to do, and make his team know he is working hard. The good news is.... when he gets some real confidence... and you can see it starting to shine through, game by game, he is going to get much, much better. I don't think he's shooting the puck anywhere near as hard as he can... probably because he's worried about hitting a Canuck with it... so he's playing it safe and lobbing wristers in.
  6. Whatever it is you were drinking/smoking, you should have stopped last round.
  7. 2011 was the worst for me... because I felt the team had given up... also because the League was clearly biased towards a Boston win. 1994 I could accept, the team played hard right to the end, and almost tied it up. It could have gone either way in the third period. I also felt extremely ashamed of the fans who rioted in 1994 and 2011... that was a black mark on the city.
  8. One thing for sure... almost every game he plays Miller is improving his value as trade bait... and upping the cost to sign him.
  9. Cr*p refereeing.... bad penalties called on both teams... and obviously the 2-0 goal should have counted. Refs should be sent back to the minors. Obviously Miller stole this one... chalk up another reason to sign him for another year or two. Couldn't fault him on the goal which tied it... he was completely screened. Another great game by Edler... not so much his goal... but his defensive play has been really strong lately... physical, good poise in his own end and good passing. Bad game overall by the Canucks forwards group... they were not fighting for the puck in the D-Zone, were not getting it out when they had too... too many bad passes and wasted opportunities to clear. They have to do better tomorrow.
  10. I think we are missing Matt Duchene... and I think Benning should trade some of the defense and a first rounder for him.
  11. Yeah, that was a great pass... don't take away from it at all... But I am thinking the big guy has an end to end rush in him which will see a goal.
  12. Oh and to add a couple observations: I am really happy with the Canuck's defense corps. Edler has been playing really well lately, he is starting to put up points again... his confidence in his shot and the slap pass is improving... both of the goals he assisted on in the last two games were due mostly to his smarts. Yeah we are not winning, yeah we are not getting a huge amount of production out of the D, but I still feel there is a solid core of D men to carry into next season. I think if you add Gudbranson into the roster, the team has one of the best young groups in the league. By the way, I don't want to see Gudbranson traded, unless he is part of a package which can get us someone like MacKinnon or Duchene. My only concern is the tendency to injuries, but maybe if the style of the coaching can change a bit to move away from the collapse to the net style, we might be able to avoid that next season. D is looking good!!!
  13. A question for Willie D: Why are you playing Jason Megna on the 1st PP unit instead of Burrows...? Any look at their respective goal scoring abilities will make it obvious who should be out on the ice. Otherwise I think it was a good team effort... the Sedins looked the best they have in a long time. Hopefully it continues. Very happy with Tryamkin's effort... he continues to work on improving the little things in his game... and I love watching him wheel. One of these days we are going to see him go all the way and score or set up a pretty goal... That's a prediction! You can quote me! Blues are a very good team, the Canucks stayed with them. Considering there is no way the Canucks are going to make the playoffs, I am not unhappy with this result. They continue to play reasonably well and keep the games mostly close. (I don't count Pittsburg, with three of our best out) I think even though they are not winning, they are building a competitive culture and a feeling they can win. Maybe they'll get lucky and win the Draft lottery or move up a position.
  14. Disagree with the original poster. I have the greatest respect for the Sedins and what their legacy is. That doesn't mean I can't observe the fact... they are becoming a liability for the team when playing together as much as the coach is playing them. Last year... no problem, they found a way to work their magic. This year is different... time has marched on, they are a step slower, their passes are not as crisp, their shots are not as accurate... and yet... Willie D is playing them like nothing has changed. Things have changed... the results prove it. That should signal time for a change in the methods... in the way the coach employs the Sedins. As I have said before, the real person at fault is WD... he should recognize the problems and look for a solution. But he's not looking, he's standing pat and the team is playing less than optimally.
  15. Agree completely... the season is done... now WD should try some new matchups.