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  1. Oilers are gonna come hard tonight. Canucks better be ready cause McJesus is mad and will be out to prove a point. If the Canucks are going to win tonight, it will need to be Pettersson's line which leads the way.
  2. Kassian is still an immature douche, but he has always had skill... just a matter of applying that skill. He was never going anywhere with the Canucks... Vancouver's nightlife had him too wrapped up in party time. Same with Montreal... Kassian couldn't get away from being a wahoo. Took that accident, a trip to the AHL, and ending up in cold, wintry Edmonchuck for him to get focused back on the game. He is a valuable player now... still a nob who hasn't grown up, (as seen by that stupid hit on his buddy Tanev) but he makes up for that with his play with the puck.
  3. Late to the party. This was a great game by the team... and the reason was, they continued to attack by carrying the puck into the zone instead of shooting it in. 4 of their 5 goals were scored on the rush, entering the zone in possession, including the PPG by Graovac. Not sure if Green has changed his coaching instructions, or the players are just doing their own thing, but the dump and chase game has disappeared and the team is playing more of a possession game. Nice to see Tanner Pearson get rewarded... he has been plugging away, working hard, but hasn't been rewarded much... last night the puck was bouncing right and he took full advantage. Great game by Bo, his line totally outplayed McDavid and crew and showed they can shut down the best in the league. Markstrom was the key to the game... he is back to his strong form... making a case for a solid contract and a place as the #1. Benning has a great dilemma... which of these two excellent netminders he will go with. There is no downside... even if the Canucks have to trade one, they'll get a good return and still keep a premium guy in the nets. Edmonchuck showed their weakness... they have a tremendous first line, but not much else. Their D is playing much better under Tippet. Funny how Sam Gagner and Marcus Granlund are keys to their chances for success. Edmonton needs their 2nd/3rd/4th liners to play well otherwise the McDavid/Draisaitl show means nothing. As it was, our 2nd/3rd/4th lines are clearly better than Edmontons and when we get our injuries back, they'll be MUCH better. As I said before, Edmonton can't sustain their winning... not unless the rest of the team starts to contribute.
  4. Remember Pittsburg game. Even though the team lost, that was the game when Quinn Hughes announced to the league that he is world class offensive star.
  5. And that's what I don't like. If Jake is having a bad game, don't play him. If he is having a good game, as he was tonight, then keep playing him even if he makes a mistake, because he might get motivated and play harder to overcome that mistake. Yeah, he was a -2, but maybe that was on Pettersson and Boeser as much as him... Green didn't stop playing them because they were -2. I thought the team could have used more third and fourth lines in the third instead of just Bo/Boes/Petey/Miller. The third and fourth lines ended up with better plus/minus than the 1st/2nd... maybe playing them a bit more would have given 1st/2nd time to catch their breath.
  6. No I didn't forget what he actually said... which was: "...SOMETIMES you have to simplify things." Not everytime, not always... sometimes. And you should know players don't set the coaching strategy... unless they are Sidney Crosby... Coaches do. Nobody is saying you should never Dump and Chase, but it shouldn't be your only choice. Watch the Cup finals last year... St Louis is not playing Dump and Chase. And maybe you are forgetting who was on the end of the pass from Quinn Hughes on a play which was the opposite of Dump and Chase. On that play does it look like Miller would have preferred to chase the puck in the corner?
  7. Three shifts is a 'Golden Opportunity'??? Hell, MacEwen got more ice time in the top six when he had his opportunity... he's still getting opportunities. And Goldobin played well, he made no errors and generated chances... why not leave him in? He made no defensive mistakes. No, Green goes back to Leivo... who has proved he is nothing special.
  8. Quinn Hughes has been rushing the puck on his own since the season started... the problem is, he normally gets no support. Tonight he did get support on the first goal when he pushed the rush into the zone. For the second goal, normally the players just deflect long passes like Quinn made to Pettersson into the zone... this time Pettersson took the pass and kept moving. For the PP goal, Quinn took the puck into the zone, established it there and then the play developed.
  9. Total voting for new Staff: 54% Total voting for no change: 46% Personally I think Clarke, the goalie coach should stay, Malhotra should stay, and the rest can go at the end of the season. But getting rid of them now is not a good idea... it is too soon. Benning needs to sit down with Green and tell him in no uncertain terms he needs to re-work his offensive system to allow for more creativity. This is a young team, they need to be able to develop their skills.... they need to learn together... they need to be able to make mistakes because they will learn. Right now they are being stifled by a system which doesn't allow them to use their imaginations.
  10. Sorry but I'm calling bull$&!# on that.. I watched every game, and Baertschi got very little time with Bo.
  11. I know a lot of people are pissed off with the result of this game, but from my perpective, it was a step forward. What I liked: The team started to ignore Green's dump and chase system and started to focus on entering the O-Zone in possession. Everyone of the Canuck's even strength goals were a result of a Canuck entering the zone in possession of the puck and then making a pass to an open Canuck. This was all jumpstarted by Quinn Hughes, I think he got mad after the first period... when the team was going nowhere using a dump and chase... everytime they got possession, which was seldom, they immediately dumped the puck into the Pen's zone, which just gave it back and the Pen's went at the Canucks again. In the second, Quinn took matters into his own hands.... first goal was directly a result him taking the bit between his teeth and driving into the zone... and then making a great pass to Miller who continued his hot streak. Second goal was him again... he sprung Pettersson who was able to enter in possession, a quick give and go later, puck is in the net after one of Petey's patented rockets... Give Pettersson a chance to take a shot on the rush and he usually buries it. Third goal was not Hughes making, but the team was taking a cue from his efforts... this started with another good pass, this time from Tanev, then MacEwen, who feathered one through to Virtanen. Fourth goal originally started with a zone entry, then good sustained pressure gave the goal. 5th goal was a PP... Miller was a little lucky, but he hammered it as soon as it came to him so good shot. 6th goal was a result of a turnover in the neutral zone, Pearson then entered the zone in possession, dished off to Guadette who made a nice move and shot. None of the goals were a result of dump and chase. What I didn't like: - Demko had his first bad game... why he was started in place of Markstrom I don't know. Yeah Demko had a good game vs Philly, but I don't think he is ready for the grind of multiple games. Let him put the game in the bag and give him a rest. Mistake by Green. - Green waited till the game was tied to use his timeout... WTF>???? You use your timeout BEFORE you lose the lead... not after they tie it. Poor decision not to take the timeout after the Pens made it 6-5. - Then Green gambles on the offside when it was obvious Malkin was in control of the puck when he entered... and as a result... the Canucks wasted two minutes of their precious time left to tie the game. Another poor decision. - Green gives Goldobin exactly 3 shifts with Pettersson, barely enough time to warm up.... before he goes to someone else and dumps Goldy on the third or fourth line, or makes him ride the bench. (8:37 total) This is despite the fact he had a good game with two scoring opportunities which he manufactured, one good setup, two good defensive plays, one hit, and NO giveaways or major lapses. But no, Green doesn't really want to give him a chance... he prefers not to reverse his Training Camp decision rather than see if Goldy can perform. Hoping the team continues to ignore Green's coaching and we see some more creative plays from them.
  12. Goldy should be in the top six... that is his skill set fit. Ideally he should play with Pettersson. But my bet is that Green puts him on the third or fourth line and he doesn't find any chemistry with the muckers there.
  13. Wrong. Baertschi never got a chance in the top six... which is where his skill set works. Baertschi never got a chance to play with Bo... who he has chemistry with. The chance he got was on the third line... and he did well enough to set up Gaudette multiple times, with one resulting in a goal.
  14. The problem is not the 4th liners... its the missing top six winger. Canucks do not have someone who works in that position. That is why it is worthwhile to give Goldy a try... he only works as a top sixer.