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  1. Do not like the format the 'World Cup' with the 'North America' team. Since when do the best young players in Soccer get shunted off from their native countries to a 'Europe' or 'South America' team? Why do Canadian fans have to watch McDavid play for other than Canada? It makes sense to combine the smaller European countries into one team to give them a chance... but not the siphoning off of the young stars of the US and Canada into some nebulous 'North America' team... Screw it, I'm from Canada, not some bureaucrats imaginary region. Comments?
  2. I like this signing, I like the money. Etem is going to have a breakout year. There were good signs at the close of last year... normally when players are tailing off, he was getting better. He will put up 25 pts and become much more of an impact physical player. I see him becoming a driving force for a young energized 4th line.
  3. Glad it wasn't the Canucks signing this poison. And no, I'm not worried... With Pedan, Tryamkin and Gudbranson we don't need to worry about the Oilers beating up on us.
  4. Dallas: "We failed to beat St Louis because of defense... we messed up big-time signing Russel instead of Hamhuis..." "Better sign Hamhuis... too bad he's a year older and was playing great last spring... DUH...."
  5. If Subban WAS in play and he WAS being shopped, why did Benning get fined????
  6. Game in and game out Weber is by far the more physically punishing defenseman. There is a reason Jonathan Toews is cheering from the sidelines.
  7. Most of the action today does have some logic... except the Oilers/Devils trade. Really think Edmonton management is continuing down the line of failure seen in the past. That will be confirmed if they pick up Lucic. The Oilers have been the luckiest team in hockey in terms of their draft opportunities. But it seems they always find a way to p*ss it all away down the toilet.
  8. Whoever ends up winning this trade, I think it is good for the Canucks. Better to have Subban with his soft physicality than Weber beating up on our forwards.
  9. Then you'd be overpaying him by 2.5 million a season.
  10. If Lucic has gone to the Oilheads, I say GOOD. He is already past his prime... getting slower all the time. And you know what? Tryamkin, Gudbranson or Pedan will KICK HIS BUTT all over the ice if he tries anything with the Canucks.
  11. Wow!! I didn't see this one coming. Shea Weber is the better player, but Subban is younger and can still develop. Montreal must think it can win the Cup with Weber on the blue line... not so sure. What happens to Subban's charity work in Montreal... I think he will be gutted by this trade. Don't like Montreal management for this... I think they stabbed their franchise player in the back.
  12. Not surprised at all by this. 1) Stamkos wants to go to a Stanley Cup contender 2) Tampa Bay needs him as the piece to put them over the top and to go back to the final 3) Tax rates in Florida 4) Yzerman likes Stamkos Look to see Drouin put on the trading block... plus perhaps a few others... but not Bishop or Hedman. I think Bishop or Hedman will be asked to take a 'Back to the Cup' discount. (with perhaps shortened contracts) But it will not be too big a discount as 8.5 million for Stamkos is a good price. (unless his blood clotting issue is worse than reported)
  13. Ok, I'm over my disappointment at the Canucks not getting Dubois... and the Oilers lucking out with Jesse P. Juolevi is going to be a solid playmaking defenseman, who has the potential to be elite. Hopefully, if he is paired with a big stay at home D, he will provide the offensive flair this team needs. Like Bennings says, he is building this team from the Goal out, and right now I think we are solid, with the list of goalies, and defensemen we have acquired. The offensive side of the equation is going to be limited for a while... (unless Benning goes for some BIG free-agents, which I think would be a mistake since the team is not ready to make a run)