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  1. *Buzzsaw*

    Markstrom IS a NHL #1 goaltender

  2. *Buzzsaw*

    Markstrom IS a NHL #1 goaltender

    Most NHL #1 goalies need to be managed. Only the exceptions like Carey Price in his heyday, Hasek, or Roy can play dozens of games in a row without their game being affected.
  3. *Buzzsaw*

    [PGT] Philadelphia Flyers at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 15, 2018

    Excellent overall game by the Canucks Tanev had his best game of the year... all night he was clearing the puck out of danger or deflecting shots. And he got the team going with his opening goal. He always has had those puckhandling skills.... too bad he doesn't have the accurate shot to go along with that... but at close range he can't miss. Granlund line got a well deserved empty-netter... all the members contributed. Only one of multiple good plays those line players had, including when killing penalties. Gaudette all over the ice tonight, lots of hits and lots of chances... too bad he is still snake-bitten. Another average game for Boeser... except for that one moment when he was money in the bank because he knows how to get the puck on net in exactly the right spot. But that is why he is special. Another guy who is money in the bank when he gets a chance in the slot is Eriksson... he jumps on chances like the one he was given. And last but not least, Petey had his fingerprints all over the game and had an assist.
  4. *Buzzsaw*

    Markstrom IS a NHL #1 goaltender

    Despite what Kelly Hrudey said on Saturday's Flyers/Canucks broadcast, Jacob Markstrom has become an NHL #1. It has taken him longer than most, but this season he has grown as a player, and has shed a lot of his bad habits. 90% of his problems were inside his head... he has all the physical tools to do the job. He has worked hard to fix his biggest problems. - He has worked hard on his focus, and has stopped giving up the early easy goals - He has stopped collapsing mentally when he is scored on - His puckhandling and decision making has improved drastically (see tonight's dash out of the net to clear the puck away) That is not to say he is a allstar, he is not there at the moment, but he is a bonafide NHL starter who can be relied on to give a decent performance every game he starts... if he gets rested correctly. He does require management... he does not play well for long stretches at a time... he can't take a huge share of the games, and he benefits from games off, probably more than most. If his game share is limited and he has the opportunity to re-focus with days off he will do a competent and capable job. Is he the top flight Cup winning Goalie a contender needs? Maybe not. But he will do for this team until one of Thatcher Demko or Michael Di Pietro get a chance to show their skills. And Nilsson is a good backup... who has the potential to elevate his game to #1 standards. He is the ideal partner for Markstrom if he is given enough games to keep sharp. In my opinion, Markstrom should be playing 4 games for every 2 games Nilsson plays. 55 games for Markstrom, 27 for Nilsson. It is not worthwhile for the Canucks to rush their acquisition of a star goalie... the team right now is still developing, the Defense is weak and it would be premature to spend a lot of money trading or signing an elite goalie. Better to wait and see what we have in the two guys in the minors. Both of them are potential #1's, perhaps elite.
  5. *Buzzsaw*

    Bo as the third line center?

    Of course we take Hughes if we get the #1 pick... but as mentioned several times, the chances of us getting the #1 is very low. The current team is too good. If somehow we did, then the best thing to do would be then to package one of our elite forwards for an elite young defenseman. And I disagree Horvat would be included in that trade package... doesn't make sense... he does things which neither Pettersson, Boeser or Hughes can... those three do not have the physical component Horvat does. If we somehow lucked out and got Hughes, then the best option would be to trade either Hughes or Boeser for an elite young D + some extras. Pettersson is untouchable. Who would be that elite young D? Someone like Seth Jones or Aaron Ekblad. This team needs a big mobile young defenseman more than it needs another sniper or playmaker. But this whole thread is pie in the sky anyway... the odds of us getting Hughes is very low.
  6. *Buzzsaw*

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Nashville Predators | Dec. 13, 2018

    Canucks had no business even getting one point out of the game... they were completely outplayed. But that's what is nice about having Boeser and Pettersson on your team... it only takes a second. Boeser with the one timer and Pettersson going the length of the ice in the dying minutes, past the entire Preds team and establishing the Canucks in the zone... that was the key to the 3-3 goal... along with Bo being the rock who can't be moved in front and getting his stick on the rebound. Two minds about Nilsson... he let in two easy ones to put the Canucks behind the eight ball, then pulled out the stops during the rest of the game to allow them a chance to win. He didn't deserve the 1st Star John gave him... that was the goaltender's union coming into play. The unsung hero Granlund was also important in the tie... his steal and perfect setup to Beagle was key in keeping the team at least within reach. Overall not the best effort out of this young team, but at the same time there was some character building in the dying moments of the third. Nashville is a terrific team and they have as good a shot at the Cup as anyone this year... if Pekka Rinne doesn't fade like he did last year. He still needs to show he is a clutch playoff performer... and this is likely his last year. I think Laviolette is playing Rinne too much... that was the problem last year when he ran out of energy and fire in the series against the Jets. Better to lose a few and keep your key player fresh for the playoffs.
  7. I have a feeling the Preds will be bearing down hard in this one... after the loss in Vancouver. So it may be a tougher contest. Canucks also need more jump than they displayed in Columbus... they need a 60 minute effort. Would not be surprised to see Boeser pop one... he is starting to pick up the pace. Granlund is also due... and one of the defense... hoping Stecher can finally hit the back of the net and get some offensive confidence.
  8. *Buzzsaw*

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    You didn't read my thread carefully enough. Wayne Gretzky had a short stick... it is easier to stickhandle fast with a short stick. Pettersson has a longer stick... but if you look for example at the penalty shot he scored on... he is actually stickhandling as fast or faster than Gretzky... with a longer stick. The advantage of a longer stick is when you shoot, you have more leverage... so the shot is harder and faster. As I said before, and as you can see in the highlight package you linked, Gretzky almost always uses his patented slapper... with a short stick you need the force of slapshot. Wristshots with a shorter stick don't get the same speed.
  9. Come on Fedor you can put better bait on your hook than that.
  10. Anyone notice in the last few games Elias is getting comfortable in Gretzky's office? He maybe noticing there is not so much room on the half boards so he's taking up residence elsewhere.
  11. Canucks probably didn't deserve to win this one... they were outplayed most of the game... unless you count the last 5 minutes. But heck, they have also lost a lot of games, (especially during the long losing streak) which they should have won. Overall, Markstrom deserves most of the credit for this win. What a hit by Hutton... That could have been a goal. Hutton continues to improve. You could see right afterwards he didn't quite believe he pulled off that hit... then his grin started to get bigger and bigger. Tanev with another one of his sublime and superb games... he saved at least two goals. Just an average game by Pettersson, made a lot of mistakes in the 1st and 2nd... but somehow because of his talent, he ends up with a goal and an assist. Leivo is fitting right in... showing us another side with some nice hand/eye coordination... although his defensive play is nothing special. On to the next one.
  12. *Buzzsaw*

    Bo as the third line center?

    Really don't know why this discussion is taking place. 1) Finishing in last place is not a guarantee of the #1 pick 2) The Canucks will not finish in last place 3) The team with the #1 pick will not trade it unless they prefer someone besides Hughes and the pick coming to them is the #2 pick 4) Only if the Canucks totally fluke out in the lottery will they have a chance at Hughes 5) If they lucked out and got Hughes, then they would need to trade him, Boeser or Pettersson in 3 years because of the CAP.
  13. *Buzzsaw*

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    My read on Pettersson --- When I first saw him do the dangles and first saw his one timer and passes, I was instantly onboard with him as 'Gretzky-like'. Now after having a chance to see him more, I have re-assessed a bit. 1) He is not Gretzky-2. At 20 Pettersson is not as fully developed as Gretzky... and Gretzky came in the league at 18... heck he was playing in the WHA at 17. Pettersson is significantly older. Wayne had 137 pts in his first season in the NHL... 51 goals and 86 assists. Doubtful Pettersson will come close to that at age 20. Gretzky had four 200 pt seasons... and ended up with more points counting only his assists, than any other player. He is the greatest goalscorer ever in a season with 92. Big mountain to climb for Pettersson. 2) What are the similarities to Gretzky? Pettersson thinks the game way ahead of anyone else on the ice... like Gretzky. Pettersson is not the biggest, strongest and most physical player... instead he succeeds because of his anticipation and ability to use space and time like Gretzky. Pettersson is a good skater... not exceptional, just like Gretzky... both have the ability to multiply their skating speed and acceleration by their uncanny anticipation. Pettersson has a great one timer slapshot... just like Gretzky. 3) What are the differences to Gretzky? Pettersson is not as good a passer as Gretzky. Yes, we have seen Pettersson make some unbelievable passes, but he also misses his passes quite a bit, puts passes on opposition sticks, and sometimes fans his passes. Gretzky had an uncanny ability to keep the puck on his stick at all times.... like it was glued there. And Gretzky missed very few passes and almost never gave the puck away. Pettersson has a better wrister than Gretzky. Maybe this is partially due to the new carbon fibre sticks which can bend and snap pucks faster than the old wood ones... maybe this is due to the fact Pettersson uses a longer stick proportionately than Gretzky and has more leverage. Gretzky almost always went to his quick slapper when given the option to wrist the puck... Pettersson likes the wrister. Pettersson is not as strong on his skates as Gretzky... he is taller than Gretzky and even skinnier... so he can be knocked off the puck easier. Gretzky was no Forsberg, but he did have an amazing ability to fend off checkers by using space and sliding away. Pettersson has better stickhandling skills than Gretzky... you can see that when you count the fact Pettersson has a larger stick. By that I mean Gretzky used a shorter stick, but his stickhandling was no faster than Pettersson using a longer stick. Pettersson has overall faster hand speed. This is one of Pettersson's strongest skills. --- Both of these guys are gamebreakers... Pettersson seems to me to be on the track to Superstardom. But I doubt he will ultimately be rated as good as Gretzky... Wayne was a phenomenon the like of which we may never see again. But the similarities are definitely there for anyone who cares to look closely.
  14. *Buzzsaw*

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues | Dec. 09, 2018

    We all know Fedor is here for his comedy routine... but somehow I get the feeling you are actually serious.
  15. Torts is enough of an idiot he might give one of the Blue Jackets a headhunting job on Pettersson. I'm hoping Petey is warned by Green he needs to keep an extra sharp lookout for mid ice hits.