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  1. Never fear... Myers or Benn will fill that role. Benn has already said he is ready to step up and act as a big brother to some of the Canucks rookies.
  2. I totally agree with OP... the TSN panel ripped the Canucks as having "...no Identity." What complete cr*p. The Canucks have been building identity in their forward structure over the last 3 years, with Bo leading the way, followed by Elias and Brock... and with guys like Roussel epitomizing character. I think this team, given the top 4 players, (Bo, Elias, Brock, Quinn) stay healthy, and Marky plays up to the level of last year, will easily make the playoffs. And I do not agree scoring will be a problem. I think Brock Boeser is due for a breakout year... I think he gets at least 35 goals, maybe 40. EP also will score 30-35. And Bo will be up around 30. Add Miller with 20+ and if Sven is healthy he will also get over 20. I can also see Quinn Hughes getting 15 goals. Then add some 15-20 goal scorers in Pearson and Roussel. TORONTO Sports Network has it wrong as usual... they are too busy trying to put a positive spin on what is happening with the Laffs. F*ck 'em.
  3. Leafs are in a CAP crunch. Unless they start trading/dumping players, they will not be able to afford to sign Barrie. This is a rental. Toronto is a huge market... they have more money than they know what to do with... a huge budget... too bad they are restricted by the league CAP. Trouble is, their management keeps forgetting the ceiling is CAP not their bottom line revenues.
  4. This would be the biggest news of Free Agency... bigger than Panerin. If Montreal can acquire Aho, would be huge for the Canadians... he is a real talent.
  5. Rangers are doing a lightning quick rebuild via free agency and trades. Have to admit I am impressed with their moves so far. They also lucked out with the draft pick... but they are taking advantage. Rangers also have the big advantage that every European player loves playing in the Big Apple.... its a dream for a young hockey player who wants to enjoy life... and a quick flight to Europe to visit the relatives is easy... its actually possible to go back on a long weekend.
  6. Leafs are still trying to win it all too soon.... now its 2020 for the Cup after 2019 goes bust. Next year they will need to deal with the Barrie contract and my prediction is they won't be able to afford it. So they'll lose Kadri for a 1 year rental of Barrie.
  7. I'm a bit sad about the Canucks giving up on Gaunce. I think they should have given him one more chance last year instead of signing Schaller... who was a bust. I never faulted Gaunce's effort... he was just snake bitten for his scoring... its a mystery how he could score in the AHL but never in the NHL. Good luck to him.... he is a nice guy and deserves another shot.
  8. Leafs traded the wrong player... they should have put Nylander on the block. Kadri is one of the few Leafs who can play with grit. But I bet the Leafs management do not want to waste that huge Nylander signing bonus by trading him.
  9. Surprised the Leafs were able to pull this off... I guess Colorado was gunshy about paying big money for Barrie next year in free agency. This is a important upgrade to the Leafs Blueline. Kadri is a scumbag but a more important player for the Leafs than most realize... when he was suspended, the Leafs energy in the series against Boston died.
  10. Sorry to see Granny go... but perhaps for the best, we need to make room for the new guys. Granlund was a solid dependable player who fit in up and down the lineup. A lot of people complain about him, but he did exactly what was asked of him and did it well. He's an upgrade for the Coilers... too bad they don't deserve him.
  11. I think the Canucks got the hometown discount with this acquisition. Good solid player who doesn't get injured and can fit in as a 5/6 D. I would not be surprised to see him have a career season playing with the Canucks.
  12. I overall am fairly happy this deal... I think Myers is worth 6 Million. The term is probably a year long, but not too bad considering his age. Will certainly give the team a reliable, consistent 3/4 D who has good size and decent skating. With Myers and Edler signed, you have two guys who can pair with Hughes and allow him to develop properly.
  13. It's already been applied.... "Tire Fire".
  14. There is no way Juolevi starts with the big team in October. He is still recovering from his injury. Better to let that recovery take its course. He will play in Utica until likely at least December, then be given a trial in the new year. Hopefully he makes the team and sticks. But it may be he will need one more season with the Comets before he is ready for a permanent position. And of course, he needs to stay healthy... his track record has not been good.
  15. I agree with the OP the Canucks will have a much improved season and should make the playoffs. But the idea of acquiring Lucic is a terrible one... he is even more of a boat anchor than Eriksson. At least LE can play a role on the third line and the PK. Lucic is in terminal freefall... he is not someone management wants to spend any money on. His contract is poison.