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  1. Anyone else noticing that Edler is quietly and systematically winning the physical battle with Reaves? When the series started, Reaves was running around and hitting everyone. He put a big hit on Edler in the first couple minutes of the first game. But as the series has progressed, he has been taking hits from Edler on a consistent basis, and hasn't been able to get that big hit in return. And he has started to slow down and be more cautious and overall is less of a factor. Just one more example of how Eddie can be deadly physically.
  2. If that's the case, then that is worst decision of Benning career here to let him go.
  3. Tryamkin is the answer... but he won't be here this year... but should be next if Benning has any sense at all.
  4. One thing I hope Benning is paying attention to is the intimidation factor... i.e. Reaves... and what Tryamkin would do to reverse that if he was on the roster. Tryamkin should be a member of this team... too late now because of Covid, but next year if he isn't on the team, I will have to re-think my support of Benning.
  5. I know everyone is down on the team, but as I said before, they played really badly. They had quite a few opportunities but they squandered them. Could easily have been 3-4 Canuck goals.... but the chances were wasted by pucks skipping over sticks, poor passes, lousy shots, etc. etc. I think there were a lot of nerves and jitters.... the Canucks woke and realized they were in the 2nd Round and got scared. They were over thinking instead of just playing. I blame the coach for that... he should have settled them down. Vegas also got away with lots of dirty plays, hooks, cheap shots and interference. Hope that Green and Benning make it clear to the league this crap is not acceptable.
  6. About Green's coaching and what he did wrong: - Didn't stop Roussel getting Reaves all riled up and ready to play. - Kept Pettersson with Loui and Pearson for the first 1 1/2 periods... when it was obvious it wasn't working. - I've already mentioned many times his offensive system wastes the skills of his players... but face it folks, its too late to change that now. All we can do is hope the players put together the effort to transcend what is lacking in the coaching. - Most important... the team was not ready... its the Coaches job to get the team ready... he didn't do it. Yeah, we know there are a lot of rookies on the team, but there are also a lot of experienced players, and Green should have talked to guys like Pearson, Edler, Miller, Sutter, etc. and had them step up.
  7. Everyone should undestand this creep Ron MacLean is gonna be his creepiest all through this series, and if the Canucks move on, in the rest of the playoffs. The guy was sucking up to Vancouver yesterday, but as soon as Vegas got the upper hand in this game, then he couldn't resist sticking the knife in and twisting it. Man is the most disgusting PoS that exists in Sports. --- The good news is that the Canucks played poorly, and the loss was mostly on their fumbles and miscues. They can do a LOT better. I watched at least 10 different good scoring opportunities get squandered due to bad nerves, cr*p passing and poor shots. Game would have been a lot different if the team was on its game... but the fact is nearly every player on the Canucks was so far off sharp they wouldn't cut bologna. Still a long way to go in the series.
  8. I think this series turns on goaltending and defense. If Jacob Markstrom is as good as he played against St Louis, and the defense continue to keep their heads, then Canucks win. I think the Canucks can score against Vegas... the issue is, whether they can keep the puck out of their own net. The good news is Marky is playing cool, collected and precisely... he is in the zone. I worry about the defense though, with the injuries and a$$hats like Reaves running them all game. Really need Benn and the rest to step up... and hopefully for Tyler Myers to come back. I'm picking the 'Nucks in six.
  9. Totally agree with you.... really a stupid way to phrase the question... condescending and ignorant. The way you ask that question is like this: "...You guys are having an amazing series... you all deserve to be up here... can you talk about your play?"
  10. Ron MacLean is the biggest phony on television. He made his reputation sucking up to Don Cherry, but when Cherry goofed up, he didn't have the balls to actually be remotely loyal, he bailed instantly when he saw Cherry was on the outs and threw Don to the wolves. If he had real concerns about Cherry's senile ramblings then why didn't he mention it previously?... he didn't because he doesn't actually have any principles other than being front and center on the tube. His whole attitude on air is carefully calculated to make him popular with the biggest audience.... whenever Toronto is playing, he'll celebrate the minutest achievement, but when 2nd level teams, (exception, Alberta teams where he grew up) he suddenly gets muted. He is the master of the snide 'humorous' aside which he uses to put down the teams and players he doesn't like.... he also uses the same technique as last night, when instead of doing the right thing and acknowledging the Canuck's efforts, he disses them by going off on a tangent and starting to talk about something irrelevant... by doing that he is telling the audience the achievement of the team is unimportant. He pretends to be some kind of Hockey-Savant.... with his quotes about what happened 22 years ago at exactly this time or another. As anyone who has been in the broadcasting business can tell you, this is the easiest fill that a broadcaster can do... everyone knows who the teams are, everyone knows who the players are, and these facts can be dug up by either MacLean's research staff or himself, long before the game typed out and placed on his desk for him to read out at some appropriate moment. They are not off the cuff memories, they are planted remarks which MacLean uses to draw the audiences attention to his supposed wonderful mind. MacLean is a useless element on the Hockey Panel.... he should be removed immediately and replaced by someone who can contribute something worthwhile.
  11. I have to say, win or lose, the Canucks have grown tremendously in this series. Watching what happened in the second period after Marky made that save off the Linesman pass, when the whole team woke up and decided they were not going to let their goalie down and leave him hanging out to dry was inspirational. They all committed and didn't quit till they finished the job. I remain uninspired by the coaching job Green is doing, I think there is too little encouragement from him to push back and too little creative offensive coaching, but the team itself has responded to that vacuum by taking charge and everyone has become a leader. The whole team is bonding and becoming a real unit with the players covering each other's backs.
  12. I agree. They are a group of proto-typical Canadian players, hard as rock, but up to this point they have not been dirty cheapshot artists in the way that Boston or LA has been in the past. They play rough but don't try to deliberately injure. Ryan O'Reilly is making himself a clear candidate for the Conn Smythe if the Blues get past the Canucks... he is a complete player who does it all. He is complemented on the first line by two highly skilled and quick goalscorers. On the back end, St Louis is the envy of the league. The big difference between this year and last year is Billington... he is nowhere near as hot this season as he was in 2019 and Allen is good but not great. Hopefully the play continues the way it has and we don't get any real nastiness emerging.
  13. So good to see the smirk wiped off Ron MacLean's face. That puke is having a real tough time dealing with the Maple Laffs being nowhere and the Canucks playing this well. He was really hoping he could be the wise and knowledgeable guy telling us how he knew all the time the Canucks would fall apart. Even if the Canucks lose the series, it was good to see this moment... with Ron MacLean looking like he wanted to throw up cause he hates the Canucks so much.
  14. Never happen, Calgary GM knows the moment Leipsic appeared on the ice Jake would crush him into an unrecognizable mess on the boards... followed by Pearson picking up the mess and tossing it into the trash. All while his Calgary team mates cheered on the Canucks.