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  1. Ok, Loui Eriksson now has 6 goals and 7 assists for 13 points in 49 games... and he has played mostly on the 2nd line. Yeah, yeah, I know Green likes his plugs and he likes the way Loui backchecks... but isn't it time that we get a little more scoring punch and creativity on 2nd line? Right now the team seems to be having issues with consistent goal scoring... maybe they need a little help? Loui is kinda a placeholder... we all know that... so why is he still playing? --- Lets see what we have down in Utica: Nikolai Goldobin: 19 goals, 30 assists in 50 games... nearly a point a game. Improved on his Plus/Minus at -2... not great, but actually better than Loui... better than Bo, (at -14... even great players sometimes get bad stats) tied with Pearson and Jake. Justin Bailey: 27 goals, 19 assists in 49 games... not too far off Goldobin in PPG. Big and tough, would fit with the Horvat line. Got a few looks up with the big team, but not really enough to give him a chance. Plus/Minus of +11. Sven Baertschi: 13 goals, 33 assists in 43 games... actually better PPG than the others, Plus/Minus of -2... but again, we know how much Green hates to admit he's wrong... so rule him out. One more: Lukas Jasek: 14 goals, 13 assists in 55 games, offensive stats not that impressive but he doesn't get much playing time... and he has a very high plus/minus of +16, best on the team for forwards... so he knows his backcheck. A very slick player, might combine nicely with the grit of Horvat and Pearson. ----- Some might say "Don't mess with a good thing..." ... but is Eriksson really a positive... or is he a 'meh'??? Personally I think this team needs a spark or something which will get them going. Eriksson is not that.
  2. Kinda expected this result after the Blue Jackets completely outplayed the Oilers last night and came away with nothing. Torts would have them come out hard. I am not a fan of his coaching, but he actually has the Blue Jackets playing well considering the injury problems. Columbus is a big physical team and he is coaching them in a style which fits their profile. Canucks outplayed Jackets in the first two periods but let them off the mat in the third and Columbus mostly closed the game down except for EP's individual effort. Was a good opportunity for the Canucks... with Columbus missing half their team to injury and it being the backend of a back to backer. I know a lot of people are going to blame the loss on the defense, but that would be wrong. Main problem remains the system... there is more than enough scoring talent on this team to put up two or three goals a game... but with Green's system they are too dependent on the powerplay and lucky bounces on shots from the point and when those don't happen, the system can't manufacture goals. Very few goals scored on the rush due to the fact Green's system does not provide support to the puck handler when he crosses the opposing blue line. Canucks also held onto the puck too much when they did have scoring chances... didn't shoot enough. Anyway, the team is going with this coach till either they make the playoffs or miss them... the decision will be made after that. I hope they don't keep Green around if the team squeaks in and then loses in the first round.
  3. Actually 57% of those voting in the poll wanted Green replaced. Which is way up from earlier in the year.
  4. By far the majority of people who get Covid-19 will just suffer standard Flu symptoms and recover well. The exceptions are those with underlying conditions and those over 65. For example, those who have been life long smokers will find this virus a real challenge. Also those with asthma or respiratory issues. Also those with high blood pressure and heart conditions. The good news is we have an excellent health care system and that system theoretically learned a lot from the SARS outbreak in Toronto. The real problems with come in 3rd world countries with poor health care systems... for example Iran is seeing really high mortality rates. (part of that may be a result of the US sanctions against them which have meant chronic shortages of drugs and health care supplies) I shudder to think how many people may die if the virus gets established in India or Pakistan. The Flu has a mortality rate of between .025 and .05 of a percent... but Covid-19 has a current World Health mortality rate of 3.8 percent. Typically a Billion people get infected with the Flu every year, and of those between 250,000 and 650,000 die. If a Billion people get infected with Covid-19 and the current predicted death rate holds, there will be a huge number of deaths.... around 30-35 million. The thing that pisses me off is that this was all unnecessary. Covid-19 comes from animals... in particular Bats. So does the SARS virus that killed thousands in the 2000's. In fact the two viruses probably come from the same cave in the province. They were both spread by people catching wild animals like Bats, and keeping them together alive in 'Wet' markets where they are slaughtered and sold to satisfy the weird tastes of some Chinese. After SARS the Chinese government should have cracked down on these 'Wet' markets, there were laws passed, but the Chinese Communist Party is corrupt and officials looked the other way in exchange for bribes. Now the Chinese people and the rest of the world have to deal with a virus which is going to be incredibly damaging, both to the lives of people and also to the economy of the world. Chinese 'Wet' market... go to 1:00 if you have a strong stomach.
  5. I called for Green to be fired back in December. I pointed out that his system depended on Marky too much... and that Pettersson was underachieving with the dump and chase style. (also Boeser and Horvat) I got dumped on big time then... so I shut up and let the season play out. Too late to fire Green now.... not enough games remaining to get the team used to a new coach. Its up to Green to make the playoffs... if the team doesn't, he should be fired in the off season. In the meantime the Team's prospects have been compromised by Benning trying to fill the holes in the top six which really weren't there. If the players had been coached right, they'd be in the playoffs, with or without Boeser. The problem was not the players, it was the system. If they traded for anyone it should have been a defense upgrade. They also should have signed Tryamkin and got him into the lineup. Team may still squeak into the playoffs, but they won't go far unless Marky is back.
  6. 5' 7"/160 lbs of pure heart.... he never quit in a game, never stopped fighting. The original Honey Badger. Think Cliff Ronning with a LOT more speed and the grit of someone a lot bigger. More points than his brother the 'Rocket'... led the league in assists a number of times. He drank from the Cup more than anyone... or anyone ever will. His finest moment was in the twilight of his career the 1971 Cup Finals where he scored twice, including the winner in a 3-2 Game 7 victory.
  7. POS Chara took cheapshots during the 9-3 drubbing the Bruins got. He always reacts with dirty plays when he is hit cleanly.
  8. Yes, fire him... but too late this year.
  9. Are they doing well because of Green... or because they are very talented? I think it is the latter... Green is not coaching in a style which takes advantage of his really skilled player's strong points... he is coaching a very simple game... one for players who don't play with a lot of imagination or flair. And look at Pettersson this year... in fact although you probably would expect him to put up a lot more points... he is actually worse this year than last in Points Per Game. He is showing less creativity in my opinion... his style is becoming too predictable because Green is limiting his offensive options. Boeser as well was doing worse this year than last... instead of continuing to develop he was scoring much less and putting up less points per game. Again, Greens offensive coaching was limiting his ability to be creative. Green is coaching for the lowest common denominator... he loves his plugs and he wants everyone to play the same style as the 4th line. That will get you some goals and win some games... but it doesn't take advantage of what the really skilled members of the team can offer if you design a system which allows them to be creative.
  10. Someone has a short memory. Pettersson is a very talented player who is being forced to play a style which is not suited to his skills. He is not built to forecheck and play a rough game. He strong points are skating, passing and shooting. But to use those skills he needs support.... which he is not getting. He is forced to either dump the puck in and chase it, or carry the puck in without any support, because Green does not have a system which supports the puck carrier. Green's system is dump and chase. Every other team in the league uses to a greater or lesser extent a system which has the puck carrier supported in attacks on the zone by another player immediately behind the puck carrier... so the puck carrier can criss cross with the supporting player and drop the puck to the support, then turn away from the zone just before entering... allowing an exchange which confuses the defense.... or enter the zone, then immediately drop the puck to the trailing winger/linemate.... who then has space because the defense has congregated on the lead player. Canucks have a ton of players who can carry the puck and who could use a supporting player system.... Pettersson, Hughes, Miller, Horvat, Virtanen, etc. But that doesn't happen. Instead, either the player dumps the puck in and the whole line chases... or the player tries to enter the zone without support. The second of the two is what happens to Pettersson all the time... he gets frustrated with dump and chase and carries the puck into the zone, then finds himself without support and gets tied up on the boards, stood up or ridden off the puck. If he had a linemate entering the zone right after him, he could drop the puck to that player and pull the defense to the net. But doesn't happen with Green's system.
  11. In any case, not sure what you are saying: Are you suggesting AV is not doing a good job? Did you look at the Flyer's record last year compared to this year? They had 82 points all last season... they have 80 points now. On his first year coaching them.
  12. Every one of the teams in the Met Division I mentioned has more points than the Canucks except the Rangers who are tied with Canucks in points. Even facing the Caps multiple times a season. Met Division is tough.
  13. This was a game on paper which the Canucks had a good chance of winning. The Leafs were fielding an AHL defense, and Andersson had a weak game. Yeah Demko was not at his best on the first two goals... although Mathews is a Sniper and he does have a wicked release. The third goal was easily preventable by the Canucks if one of the D or a forward had bothered to take Marincin when he went to the net.... I don't blame Demko... he can't see where the rebound went... it hits the post to his right behind him and bounces out to his left. After that Canuck players missed multiple opportunities to tie it up. Too much reliance on shots from the point through bodies and lucky bounces... instead of clean passing plays. The fact is, the Canucks have their current record because Marky bailed them out multiple times during the season... now he's not here to save the day. With Marky gone, Green needs to change the style of the team to emphasize offense more, more puck possession, more freewheeling and more creativity. But I doubt he'll do that. May be a tough couple weeks till Markstrom comes back.
  14. Alain Vigneault has been quietly forming the Flyers into a team which believes in themselves and who play a structured but high scoring game. Flyers are 2nd in the Metropolitan Division, probably the toughest in the league. Think about having to play Washington and Pittsburg 5 times a season. Not to mention Columbus, the Islanders, Rangers and 'Canes. All teams with winning records and tough opponents. Only New Jersey is a slouch in this division. In the last few seasons Flyers had a few of the essential components of a good team, the most obvious example being Giroux as an allstar center who can play a 200 ft game, but they have also never jelled as a group under any of their previous coaches. But Vigneault has them believing in themselves and playing as a unit. They are getting scoring up and down the lines... there is a good chance they will have 5 players in the mid '20's in goals scored. They are also top 5 in plus/minus. I've always believed AV was one of the better coaches in the league... and the fact he has been able to bring multiple different teams to high levels of performance is a good illustration of his ability to motivate and to coach... his all time top winning record with the Canucks was not luck... yeah he had the Sedins, but he also knew how to use their skills in an uptempo game. Will be interesting to see how far they go in the playoffs, (assuming they don't see a last minute collapse)
  15. Terrific game by the entire team... I don't think a single player had a bad night. Marky and Bo set the tone... Marky by coming back to stone the Bruins after that cheap shot stick in the face and Bo by flying around hitting, scoring and taking no sh*t from anyone. All the role players were on top of their game and smothering the Bruins... Motte, Beagle, Gaudette, Virtanen, Sutter, etc. etc. breaking up plays in the neutral zone, killing penalties, jumping on the Bruins D... they gave Boston no chance to get a rhythm going. Both the top lines were playing hard... Pettersson, Miller and Tofoli were all around the net taking advantage of their opportunities. And Bo, Pearson and Eriksson were relentless in the forecheck. The D was great... most of the time pucks collected and out of the zone in one or two efficient passes. Even when the Bruins put on some pressure, most of the time they didn't crack, but found a way to turn over the puck and get it out... Edler, Stecher, Myers, Tanev and Fantenberg were great along the wall moving Bruins off the puck and knocking people down. But for me the key guy in the game, (besides Markstrom who was great as always) was Quinn Hughes. I am beginning to believe this kid is the next most valuable player to Marky. He is so smart, so skilled, so effortless in his skating, so shifty. He is so dynamic the other team gets drawn to him like a magnet... then someone on the Canucks gets open... and the puck is on their stick on a perfect pass from Hughes. He is also equally dynamic defensively... he can skate the puck out of the zone or make a pass from deep in the corner like few players. I love Pettersson and he is a STAR, but Hughes may ultimately be the more valuable acquisition. Hughes WILL win the Calder unless he is injured. I still think Green is the wrong coach for this team... he doesn't have the skills to teach them the offensive game they could play... but there is so much offensive talent on this team now that it doesn't really matter. The only cloud on the horizon is there will be a big time CAP crunch in the future. --- Oh yeah... What a bunch of thugs the Bruins are. From start to finish of the game it was the same old same old. No Boston wasn't satisfied with their cheapshot on Petersson in Boston, they feel a need to continue in Vancouver. First the fly by stick in the mask of Markstrom.... if you really believe that was accidental then you really need to watch the Bruins more. They know Marky is the key to the Canucks success, and they wanted to take him out of the game. It's always the same with the Bruins.... someone on the opposing team gets injured by a 'unintentional accident'... and that player is a key for the other team. Then when Bo starts to show he is going to dominate the game... they start with the slashing and hi sticks.... if you believe Bo got mad enough to fight for no reason, you are living in dreamland. Coyle was hacking and slashing for multiple shifts before Bo dropped the gloves. Then Myers makes an excellent clean hit and Chara jumps him without giving him a chance to turn around or drop the gloves. All those who think Chara is a nice guy need to start watching less of After Hours and more of what is happening on the ice. Then the next few shifts after Pettersson scored his goal, they started head hunting him... You could clearly see Chara and serveral other Bruins players try to line him up for a cheapshot... fortunately Petey has seen that show before and managed to avoid getting nailed. Then the Bruins got distracted by another Canuck when Quinn Hughes did his magic and make them all look like fools... so they start with the slashing and hi-sticking on him. Hughes got high sticked to the face at least twice that I saw, behind the play and when the Refs weren't looking. More of the usual Bruins cr*p. For whatever reason the league lets these creeps get away with this stuff... and its usually worse in the playoffs. Canucks really should bring over Tryamkin for exactly this reason. Put him in the lineup and play him whenever they are up against the Bruins... Chara would find he is a little more challenged by Big T.
  16. So when did they release Ferland's medical reports? Or did you put on your tinfoil hat to make this prediction? Ferland is like any hockey player... he wants to be on the ice. I doubt very much he gives up without one more go at it in 2020/2021. And if he is ready to lace them up, then the Canucks need to make space for him under the CAP.
  17. Bad Trade... mortgaging the future for a short term rental. #1 This team is not ready to contend... maybe this will get them into the playoffs, but they won't go deep... they just don't have the experience. The only way this could payoff with a long run is if Marky stands on his head in the playoffs... but the playoffs are a different rodeo for goalies... lot more jostling, crease crashing and other physical play which has been shown to put Marky off his game. #2 Toffoli is a free agent this summer... the chances the Canucks can re-sign him in the off season is remote... they already have CAP problems. What are they going to do when Ferland comes back off LTIR? Toffoli is on a $4.6 million dollar contract... and it is unlikely he'll sign for less than $4.25. Unless Ferland is ready to retire, this doesn't work. Canucks also need to sign Tanev... otherwise they will have a hole in their D. Not to mention Marky is going to cost a lot more. Sorry, but this is a big error on the part of Benning. Two picks and a prospect. I don't see Schaller as a big loss... he was a bad signing anyway. But those picks and Madden are not easily replaced. Maybe Benning is getting pressure from the Aqualini's to make the playoffs... in that case, they are making a mistake... this move will backfire on the chances of this team to build a real contender with multiple years in the post season.
  18. Another outstanding 3rd period by Marky... although it likely wouldn't matter... Cause the way Minnesota is playing they were not coming back... they should blow it up at the deadline. Trade some their older vets like Zuccarello or Zucker and get some draft picks... they are not going anywhere. Very poorly played game by the Wild... took way too many penalties.... mostly stupid and selfish and two of them killed their own PP. Canucks didn't play particularly well... PP needs work, but overall looked good next to the Wild.
  19. Yep, and Mark Messier was worshipped among the Media and the League when Keenan brought him onto the Canucks. But I never liked him since the '94 series and knew he wouldn't do anything for the team. Chalk up one for me and none for the bandwagoners. Maybe I'm wrong about Green, but personally I think he is fired by end of next season latest.
  20. Those women are assumed alive since their photos were taken not too long ago. In Iran they don't have to wear the full veils and can reveal their hair.... unlike Saudi Arabia. Also this lady from Tehran: All come from the "The Atlas of Beauty" which is a series of photographs of women from around the world take by a Romanian woman photographer: https://theatlasofbeauty.com/ I like to look at the photos when I'm feeling like I'm losing my faith in humanity.
  21. You are not too smart are you? Read my posts... I am happy to see the Canucks winning... I have been a fan for 40 years... I was inside Pacific Coliseum for Game 6 in '94. What doesn't impress me is a coach who doesn't know enough how to use his players.
  22. Oh the logic and rationality in this response is so amazing.
  23. No question the current government of Iran are bad actors. But this bombing will just make the hard liners more popular... its a natural reaction to support your own country when someone attacks... and what's worse it will give the hardliners an excuse to crack down more on the moderate and progressive Iranian reformers. This is now a distraction from the movement in Iran to reform and replace the hard liners... and will set back the reforms. And as mentioned, the same applies in Iraq... previously protests had been against corruption in the government... now that is overshadowed by the fact the US is dropping bombs next to the country's own International Airport... what would you think if the US dropped bombs on someone in the approach lanes to VGH? And by the way, women in Iran have more rights than those in Saudi Arabia... which Drumpf supports religiously. It is also one of the most advanced countries in that region when it comes to medical care and social support systems. Maybe you think it is ok to bomb it, but personally I disagree. Meanwhile Drumpf is talking about bombing its cultural sites and museums... with some of the oldest relics of human development anywhere. Maybe his strikes will kill this economist: Or this violin student:
  24. Power Play is one of the few parts of the Canuck team game which is working as it should. I have no complaints... other than that the team is relying on it to generate goals too much.