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  1. The twins aren't going anywhere. For better and worse they will retire as Canucks. Its gonna be a looooong painful ride until then.
  2. There was some positives... at least it was more entertaining than the last 2 games. We still suck, but at least we got on the board.
  3. Effort after the PP was pretty good. If they keep that up we'll get one in sooner or later.
  4. One is better than none. Now we just gotta get 2 more and we are all good. GCG.
  5. good news we won 3 in a row at the start of the season. bad news is we have sucked ever since. It's gonna be along season.
  6. We'd need 8 forwards out there to score on anyone.
  7. I can only imagine the fustration Miller must feel.