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  1. bieksa fight made up the game for me. now people can't say he picks his fights
  2. 3 years since i made this thread lol there was a hiring over a year ago, i didn't get selected for that. but from what i hear is that the new guys that got in are mainly union members son/daughters who think that calling daddy will save them from a foreman telling them to do something that they don't want to do. slowing down production down there, really. many people who got in don't even go to the hall for dispatch. they are regularly short on people on many shifts. i expect another hiring in 1-2 years. i'll get in on that
  3. still raining hard in surrey-white rock border area
  4. what information? if you think your ever going to get in, you wont.
  5. what was the purpose of you coming into this thread and flaming me? if you don't know **** about this job then leave. and yes you are mad
  6. you think i haven't tried? im asking here because almost everyone who posts lives in the lower mainland and might know a thing or two. and who says im unemployed? im in my 3rd year as an electrical apprentice. u mad you will never get this job? we'll just see about that;) well i guess they didn't make a smart decision leaving this job. currently work at delta port is crazy and most shifts they call people from vancouver because they can't get enough people to work. im in my 3rd year as an electrical apprentice so if i don't get into longshore which is a 1% chance then i can always come back to the company i currently work for.
  7. did you even read the topic? i already know how they do the selection process i just need to know when they are doing it. my friend says possibly next year but hes been saying that for the last couple of years.
  8. i've been down to deltaport before and was allowed into the lunch room. i saw exactly what you saw, then i went with a foreman and he drove me around the inside of the ports. looks like a good job to me, my friend was also let off 4 hours early that day because there was no more work for him, but was paid for a full 8. i wouldn't care especially when im making almost $300 or more a day lol cant really apply, you get in through a application system which they hand out in person once every a million years lol
  9. well no sh!t sherlock! i've been checking for 2 years and no changes!
  10. i want in on this job, but i haven't herd anything about them hiring next. anyone knows anything about the next hiring? i will camp outside the union hall just to get an application lol for those who don't know, longshoreman is probably one of the best paying jobs in BC and doesn't require any other schooling other then completion of grade 12 to get in.
  11. your username is epic ahaha

    i wanna be pudh ROFL.