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  1. Wow, today was an absolute mess. Anyone got pics of the chaos at Bridgeport or Marine Drive?
  2. too

    i ll add you tomorrow


  3. Is it just me, or do trains to Bridgeport slow down a bit earlier than they used to? Usually they slowed down right before the Oak St. Bridge IIRC, but now they slow down as soon as they clear the North Arm.
  4. Quick question: Anyone know the model name/no. of those yellow buses? (the ones that the 492, 496, etc. used)
  5. Loving that signage, sure as heck beats signs like those old SkyTrain ones.
  6. Too lazy to get even my L, but I plan to do that soon. I take the Canada Line to Langara everyday, and I haven't had any problems with it. Saves me the extra 10-20 minutes or so if I had to take the 98 B-Line and then transfer at 49th. I find that I've centered the places I go to nowadays so that they're close to the Canada Line, so I can maximize the use of my U-Pass, which is $163?/3 months. I find transit in general very handy, and quick. No more No. 3 road nightmares.
  7. Interesting, never knew about that. Thanks.
  8. Okay, so today's like the third time this week I've heard that annoying "warning: you are on the platform blah blah blah CCTV" message at a Canada Line station. But there's no one on the platform! What triggers this?
  9. Interesting bus ride today. Boarded the 430 today at Bridgeport. Driver looked half drunk or stoned or something. Pretty sure he was speeding too, in the middle of traffic. At one stop, he closes the back doors even when someone was still getting out. Not sure if the back doors are automated or not, but that was pretty reckless if they aren't. Then, he completely drives past me and this woman's stop, and we both had to yell for him to stop so we could get off.
  10. Gee, walking through the rain was a terrible idea. I had to board the 403 and get off two stops later, because of the dumb construction work on the other side of No. 3 Road between Cooney and Alderbridge.
  11. Yeah, some rowdy guy decided it'd be a good idea to stick his head out when the doors were about to close. Felt sorry for the attendants at Langara-49th, they always have to deal with people who get on before people get off. Today was particularly bad with the delays. You'd think they learn with those annoying announcements every 30 seconds.
  12. Anyone know what happened @Oakridge this morning? Caused massive delays on the Canada Line, had to wait 20 minutes @ Lansdowne since people just cut in front of me and forced me to wait for the second train. Then the train stopped for a few minutes at Abetdeen.