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  1. His skating is highly touted.
  2. Poor grammar - should have replaced "of" with "have".
  3. This guy gets it. There's a difference between what management says they will do vs. what actions they take. Only time will tell if their rebuild strategy works.
  4. Hated the deal at first, especially the second rounder that was added to the deal. Thinking back, it's hard to see Mccann thriving with Vancovuer unless given a top 6 role. His size/strength and face-offs were far too terrible to be useful in the bottom 6. Sure will miss his skill and potential to be an offensive threat. I get the impression Gudbranson is a big and slow d-man, something like a Willie Mitchell. The way the league is speeding up, I hope he can still be effective. I do like his physical play and toughness, something Vancouver has lacked for many years. Hope he continues to progress.
  5. Doesn't sound like it. Ferraro has been commenting that he should at least get a shift given it's 5-0 already. Way to go Team Canada coaching staff, bring over a kid half way across the world to destroy a kid's confidence.
  6. Well, his father hasn't been proven guilty yet. And I can see how he can be confused because that's his father who helped raise him and coach him. It would be hard for a lot of us to deal with in the same situation.
  7. Wow, this is insane... hope he can battle through this and continue his promising career.
  8. They were even in the last Olympics. Their goaltender Gudlevskis was on fire and Kenins was a spark plug.
  9. Now all I can think of when I hear "red wings" is chicken wings. If only they could drop the "Little", they could be taken more seriously.
  10. Sort of off-topic, I looked at those coolers when I was building my PC, then I settled on a cooler master hyper evo 212. 2 years and no problems, extremely quiet even for a light sleeper like me.
  11. A nice celly to compliment a nice shot.
  12. Quite surprised Henrik told the media after the game that he thought it was late and a blindside hit. Thought he would just pull a Willie and say "didn't see it".
  13. Too much truth
  14. Maybe they should actually switch jersies and play the game... their opponents won't be able to use their numbers to identify who is the shooter and who is the passer...