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  1. Canuck Momentum

    Very cool, awesomely done.
  2. Canuck flag raising.jpg

    Very cool.
  3. It's fine. Happens to me too!

  4. Hi, happy to add you as a friend. Sorry I didn't notice this request sooner. I got a little caught up posting.

  5. Wow, wrong "your". It's been a while since I've had to do any thinking.

  6. You're opinion on two threads impressed me...I really liked them. So, I added you as a friend!

  7. Thanks for adding me! :)

  8. Decent story. I've never really liked Sopel, so I find it funny that he was looking even more terrible then usual!

  9. Ooooh, sorry there, bud. I'm at Bateman. Bateman>Yale.

  10. I posted it at the end of my original post when I first joined CDC.