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  1. Have a feeling he might have gotten a slight concussion when he got plastered in Calgary and hit his head against the boards.
  2. Well Mike Smith finally showed up with a gifted goal. He's good for at least half a dozen of those a year. They basically don't have any goals from players outside their top 6 through 6 games and once teams start rounding out their defensive structure that will be bad news for the oilers if they can't generate any offense from their bottom 6.
  3. Barely got the puck over the offensive blue line that period, puck is a grenade.
  4. Canucks rewarded him with the 2 year one way contract which was definitely earned. But have to give younger players the ice time and see what they got.
  5. Eric Comrie (G) from WPG to ARZ and Carl Dahlstrom (D) from CHI to WPG Maybe a tad surprised DeSmith & Djoos didnt get claimed, but lack of cap space and number of contracts probably had something to do with it. Also surprised Edmonton is rolling with what they have on the wings and didnt take a flyer on anyone Sprong or Ho-Sang. Probably Tippett and his demand for defensive responsibility had something to do with it.
  6. Scary is that LE isn't the worst free agent signing from 2016. It was a mistake but it probably could have been worse by a lot. Probably our style of play didnt help LE either, and he didnt get off on the right foot scoring on our net in his first game lol. We aren't going to be paying assets to get him off the books, so he is here to stay for the forseeable future, maybe even the length of the contract.
  7. Despite Lou's "rules" being somewhat odd, i guess they did have a protect young immature millionaires from themselves and also he's proven the stache rule was a good one lol
  8. Remember when this guy took a shot at the canucks in the media about video games/fortnite on the road. As calm and calculated as Wheeler was in his comments, also think he took a shot at Laine too mentioning how Laine hasn't done what he's done by himself. Pretty much a 1 dimensional goal scorer, but a streaky goal scorer so far in his NHL career.
  9. Good signing, but one has to wonder how we are going to move the dead weight? If and when we sign Boeser, we'll be capped out and in order to unload salary we would have to add assets which we dont have and cant afford to give up.
  10. Are we even going to be able to afford him, we already have 2x$6 million dollar Dmen, dont think adding a $8+ will be in the works, unless we can get rid of Eriksson, Sutter and trade Tanev for futures assuming we shut him down at or before the All Star break to make certain he stays healthy