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  1. I thought Carolina did well with Trocheck, Skjei and Vatanen. Although they did not address goaltending.
  2. Like the NFC East (Least) lol, the way the playoff format in the NHL is though someone from the Pacific could be in the final 4.
  3. If anything the Blackhawks taught us that you have to go for it while your young superstars are on entry level contracts. It's much more difficult to win once they start making huge money. If we take our shot now I'm ok with it but our back end still stinks lol.
  4. They dont have a choice, if they dont make the playoffs it then slides to next year. If they make the playoffs then its this years 1st that they gave up for JT Miller.
  5. Thoughts with Jay and his family. Seems like he was out there for an extended shift, these guys train their bodies to recover so quick & reduce their heart rate between shifts that the human body wasnt made for. Hope he recovers and if he chooses to get back on the ice all the best.
  6. Wonder if the Stars offered help and he declined or why he didnt get a LOA from the team. Did he do something while drunk that forced the team to fire him on the spot? Still a lot more questions then answers, hopefully he gets the help he needs.
  7. Odd that it happened in their own rink though, usually the home team benefits. Isn't there an official timekeeper though? So what was the official time left on the clock because the scoreboard one is not official? If it was 18.1 sec then Torts can't really argue it, but that should have been made clear to him before the next puck drop.
  8. Thatcher's still got lots of work to do, both goals he was overly aggressive and that got him out of position. The 2nd GA was crigeworthy, something that happens in beer league lol. He was pretty solid otherwise. Hopefully he continues to get better as he works with Ian Clark. Start to finish probably one of the more solid efforts this Canuck team has put together in a number of years.
  9. The Kings might pass us in the standings soon at this rate
  10. Bettman said it was personal issue with Montgomery. Nill says its a material act of unprofessionalism. So strange, will be interesting what comes out. Right now its all just lawyer speak.
  11. Well to me its the dump and change in the 3rd with no forechecker to protect the lead or play prevent defense. Maybe <5mins to play and a multi-goal lead or 2nd night of a back to back it would be understandable but it basically started at the beginning of the 3rd period. That's pretty much coaching and player deployment. Good teams play a puck control game, not give up control. It basically signals to the other team is to keep attacking.
  12. The dump and change with a 1 goal lead and tie game have to go. Also the bump back with no speed on the PP is a waste of time and leads to chances for the other team; frustrating seeing Petey bump it back and there is no canuck inframe for like 5 secs and Pitt get a grade A scoring chance out of it. This is all coaching.
  13. I think it was Guentzel but you cant really tell on replay and the call on the ice was onside, the opposite side angle would be better in this case because Malkin's ass is probably blocking the nearside angle as the puck is crossing the blue line. I'm ok with the call and its not the reason we lost. We didnt deserve a loser point or OT/Shootout win. If it was the opposite, i'm pretty sure canuck fans would be saying it was onside too.