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  1. Artem Anisimov - Dylan Larkin - Anthony Mantha Tyler Bertuzzi - Martin Hanzal - Evgeny Svechnikov Filip Ahl - Denis Malgin - Johan Franzen Justin Abdelkader - Darren Helm - Dmitrij Jaskin Mike Ribeiro Niklas Kronwall - Connor Murphy Danny DeKeyser - Brandon Montour Jonathan Ericsson - Alex Petrovic Petr Mrazek Jimmy Howard Hanzal (80% retention) and Kronwall available. Won't bother offering up my junk vets anymore, lol.
  2. Detroit recalls Evgeny Svechnikov.
  3. I know FOR A FACT that all of my town leans are 100% guaranteed town because I'm just that good.
  4. DM is playing 4D chess while the rest of us are playing ... mafia.
  5. Your scum hunting abilities are unparalleled.
  6. I think he's had one post so far in this game (at least from what I remember), and it just felt off to me. Basically a combination of that and PoE. Why do you ask?
  7. *fine choices for wagons, not fine in a playing towny sense
  8. vote EP40 for now. Him and Zfetch would probably be good wagons for tomorrow night.
  9. It's the town alliance PM. I think Bo already told you everyone who was in the PM, lol.
  10. Actually, I just remembered that PL was threatening to shoot GC in our PM. Could definitely just be the case that GC/the mafia wanted PL dead in the hopes that the mafia kill would beat out a vigilante kill. That makes it less likely that the mafia were concerned that PL had a legit peek on Rocket and took him out hoping to hit the sheriff.
  11. Tbh I can see arguments for Rocket either way. It's weird that SS tunneled so hard on that "investigation result" despite no one else really biting on it. On one hand, it could've been him trying hard to push an easy mislynch candidate and set up PL as a round two mislynch over his "lie". On the other hand, he may have been looking for town cred in case Rocket did end up hanging. In the town!Rocket scenario, I think it makes more sense for SS to push that mislynch wagon if there are others who are open to the idea of lynching Rocket. That really wasn't the case though, so it just seems like such a bizarre thing to do. I could also be grossly overthinking this. I keep going back and forth on this so I'm just going to leave him as a fairly null read at the moment, but he still belongs firmly in the PoE. He's done nothing but throw a vote on PL to avoid a god-kill.
  12. @J-23 What happened with your other sheriff? Did they leave their investigation on PL?