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  1. Thanks. We'll recall Brendan Gaunce for now then and we should be at 23 skaters.
  2. @Baer. Tobias Rieder won't count towards our roster limit if he remains unsigned, right? Regardless, Washington sends down Adam Mascherin, Clayton Keller, and Olli Juolevi for now. (And if Rieder doesn't count towards the limit, recall Brendan Gaunce.)
  3. Yeah, this is pretty sound advice. I guess the tl;dr version would be to look up some celebrities/other famous people who you think dress well and just emulate what they do. You're not going to see many shirts with huge, flashy logos or anything like that. Just find basic clothes that fit your frame well, and you'll look like you know what you're doing. edit: Cardigans are awesome and anyone who says otherwise dresses like a pleb.
  4. ffs Tomecek just retire you plug
  5. Tomecek is my guy, not Blue Ja -- OH, you bastard.
  6. 112 and Lil B are CAP veterans. Be a good lad and let them in IMO.
  7. IN. Will create my player after school tomorrow.
  8. Okay guys, I have like 5 minutes of free time today unfortunately so here goes. I'm really conflicted on Zfetch as I was town-reading him fairly strongly earlier, flipped on him last round, and now his backtracking to tie the vote again tonight looks good on him. Unfortunately(?), I'm going to have to vote Zfetch because Virt's probably going to vote for me. For the second vote, considering how fwy played at the end of the round, I have absolutely no qualms with hopping on his wagon. I'd rather go Virt here, but I'm fairly confident in both of them being scum anyway so whatever. Vote1 Zfetch Vote2 fwybwed
  9. Fwy is doing this on purpose
  11. Potato town gonna potato
  12. Who else?
  13. So I'm assuming that means that they just didn't submit a kill because I'd probably be told if I successfully saved myself?