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  1. J.J. Jefferson has retired. That's everyone! Thanks for playing! (Note: If you want to save your player pictures, do so now because I'll be wiping out my OneDrive some time in the near future.)
  2. 1584 GP - 637 G - 747 A - 1384 P He made it. 1511 GP - 354 G - 744 A - 1098 P
  3. Twenty-Eighth Update!Ag4ppmDPwjykiTnvZuSjV1jcXFmv The Minnesota Wild defeated the Buffalo Sabres in 6 games to win the Stanley Cup.
  4. Twenty-Seventh Update!Ag4ppmDPwjykiTYtSaRTEQi2Xyqd The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Calgary Flames in 6 games to win the Stanley Cup.
  5. A lot of us made the HoF which allows me to see GP, goals, assists, and points at least. I'll get you yours later. edit: Before people start asking whether they made the Hall of Fame, I should point out that it's not really like the IRL HoF and that it's more like a way to see the career stats of good players after they retire. Most above-average players make it into the Hall in the game.
  6. Evan Amadio, Kai Lung, Ronald McDonald, and Jay Vrienzy have retired.
  7. Looks like you were probably on the 2nd line with 1st unit PP and he was probably 3rd line with 2nd unit PP. 1560 GP - 478 G - 536 A - 1014 P
  8. Twenty-Sixth Update!Ag4ppmDPwjykiTUrkhuiWzRK3ZRJ The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Nashville Predators in 6 games to win the Stanley Cup.
  9. Garth Bail, Ez Eldin Deng, Donny Dingles, Serhiy Lazarenko, and Marco Ramirez have retired.
  10. 1431 GP - 207 G - 636 A - 843 P
  11. He just won't quit.
  12. Boaty McBoatFace has retired.
  13. Twenty-Fifth Update!Ag4ppmDPwjykiS921lhuICFg9vZN Boaty McBoatFace: Adler Mannheim [DEL]: 50GP - 48G - 62A - 110P - 8.28 AvR The Boston Bruins defeated the Dallas Stars in 6 games to win the Stanley Cup.
  14. Gordon Freeman and ManILook LikeSuperman have retired.