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  1. Am I getting first line ice-time? My attributes are too good for me to be a 50 point player, especially if I'm playing with Badoucek. Ugh.
  2. Can I see VGK's depth chart?
  3. Polak hasn't turned into the two-way beast I was hoping he'd be, but there's still a chance he becomes a top-line PWF. Loving the progression over the last couple of seasons for sure.
  4. I don't have anything funny to say about the cap sheets but Ottawa is always open for business.
  5. Huh? Half of the town thinks MR is acting scummy, and the fact that he was even being considered as a lynch candidate in round 2 should tell you that he's not going to last much longer.
  6. Awesome. Next on the hit list: Master Radishes
  7. Info:First Name: VaclavLast Name: PolakDate of Birth: (06/14)Place of Birth: PragueNationality: Czech RepublicSecond Nationality (Optional): Primary Position: LWSeconary Position(s) (Optional): RWHeight (cm): 192Weight (kg): 80Handedness: LeftJersey Number: 71Junior Preference: EuropeStarting Team*: HC Karlovy Vary U18 Player Type: SNP Role: Offensive Role: 15 Defensive Role: 13 Total Role Points: 28 Staff Attributes: Adaptability: 8 Ambition: 10 Determination: 17 Loyalty: 8 Pressure: 9 Professionalism: 8 Sportsmanship: 7 Temperament: 8 Total Staff Points: 75 Technical Attributes: Checking: 5 Deflections: 4 Deking: 7 Faceoffs: 1 Fighting: 7 Hitting: 1 Movement: 11 Passing: 9 Pokecheck: 5 Positioning: 6 Slapshot: 8 Stickhandling: 8 Wristshot: 9 Total Skill Points: 80 Physical Attributes: Acceleration: 10 Agility: 9 Balance: 9 Injury Proneness: 2 Natural Fitness: 5 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 Strength: 10 Total Physical Points: 65 Mental Attributes: Agitation: 1 Aggression: 7 Anticipation: 18 Bravery: 9 Consistency: 15 Creativity: 12 Decisions: 16 Dirtyness: 1 Flair: 7 Important Matches: 10 Influence: 8 Pass Tendency (DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS TOTAL): 9 Teamwork: 8 Versatility: 5 Workrate: 18 Total Mental Points: 125
  8. Where did you get a vote count of 4-3 for AV last night?
  9. I'd really love to hear your justification for this lmao
  10. @J-23 Can we get a vote count?
  11. I wish I had time for this.
  12. I'm just going to leave my vote on Qwags and hope that you guys follow suit, haha. Should be back before nightfall but I'm not 100% sure at the moment.
  13. This is my one reservation with lynching MR tonight as well. Not sure what the best course of action is though because he's my strongest scum read at the moment. Is there any appetite for lynching Qwags tonight?
  14. well, last page now