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  1. Marcus Pettersson with our make-up pick.
  2. Samuel Girard and Brendan Gaunce for our make-up picks.
  3. Why do you toy with my heart like this? --- I know I'm super late on this, but thanks for hosting! Really wish I'd had more than an hour of "actual" scum hunting time, but c'est la vie.
  4. Those sound like fighting words to me...
  5. Mark Streit @BM24
  6. We've been wrestling with the idea of taking Tobias for the last couple rounds as well, but ultimately decided that the two year contract was a bit too much of a risk. Certainly a good pick if he can bounce back though. (And yes, I know we're up now. Will pick ASAP.)
  7. Caught so many pokemon on the bus ride home from downtown last night. Love it.
  8. So... Repac randomly became a #1 defenseman? Basically Zdeno Chara? Nice.
  9. Already added to the DPS so I can't say much here for last words. This will have to do.
  10. Vote1 Dral Vote2 WW, I guess.
  11. For the people who said that duce, Dr.S, and I came out of the first round looking the worst (@Time Lord, @Beluga Whale, anyone else I missed?) why? JJ, JL, and Zfetch were all on the wagon as well, yet I'm not seeing much of an argument other than some form of "these three look the worst".
  12. The main things I'm getting from Baka's posts: - Not particularly sold on Lewitelli being scum; wanted to lynch BW. - Was on board with the Dral plan and fought 112 on it a little bit. ...and that's about it. I really don't see enough there for either of BW or 112 to want to take him out if they're mafia, so maybe Baka was a KP investigation? Judging from how interested he was in sorting out the sheriff situation, I do wonder whether he was one of them himself.
  13. edit: I guess timing is a legit reason. You know what I mean though. *another reason
  14. Before I start reading through the last 20-odd pages: why are people taking Dral at his word that he's TP, but not Zfetch and his doctor claim? Is there a legit reason, or just because of the timing of Fetchy's claim?
  15. I don't control the ferries.