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  1. I don't have anything funny to say about the cap sheets but Ottawa is always open for business.
  2. Huh? Half of the town thinks MR is acting scummy, and the fact that he was even being considered as a lynch candidate in round 2 should tell you that he's not going to last much longer.
  3. Awesome. Next on the hit list: Master Radishes
  4. Info:First Name: VaclavLast Name: PolakDate of Birth: (06/14)Place of Birth: PragueNationality: Czech RepublicSecond Nationality (Optional): Primary Position: LWSeconary Position(s) (Optional): RWHeight (cm): 192Weight (kg): 80Handedness: LeftJersey Number: 71Junior Preference: EuropeStarting Team*: HC Karlovy Vary U18 Player Type: SNP Role: Offensive Role: 15 Defensive Role: 13 Total Role Points: 28 Staff Attributes: Adaptability: 8 Ambition: 10 Determination: 17 Loyalty: 8 Pressure: 9 Professionalism: 8 Sportsmanship: 7 Temperament: 8 Total Staff Points: 75 Technical Attributes: Checking: 5 Deflections: 4 Deking: 7 Faceoffs: 1 Fighting: 7 Hitting: 1 Movement: 11 Passing: 9 Pokecheck: 5 Positioning: 6 Slapshot: 8 Stickhandling: 8 Wristshot: 9 Total Skill Points: 80 Physical Attributes: Acceleration: 10 Agility: 9 Balance: 9 Injury Proneness: 2 Natural Fitness: 5 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 Strength: 10 Total Physical Points: 65 Mental Attributes: Agitation: 1 Aggression: 7 Anticipation: 18 Bravery: 9 Consistency: 15 Creativity: 12 Decisions: 16 Dirtyness: 1 Flair: 7 Important Matches: 10 Influence: 8 Pass Tendency (DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS TOTAL): 9 Teamwork: 8 Versatility: 5 Workrate: 18 Total Mental Points: 125
  5. Where did you get a vote count of 4-3 for AV last night?
  6. I'd really love to hear your justification for this lmao
  7. @J-23 Can we get a vote count?
  8. I wish I had time for this.
  9. I'm just going to leave my vote on Qwags and hope that you guys follow suit, haha. Should be back before nightfall but I'm not 100% sure at the moment.
  10. This is my one reservation with lynching MR tonight as well. Not sure what the best course of action is though because he's my strongest scum read at the moment. Is there any appetite for lynching Qwags tonight?
  11. well, last page now
  12. I think this page is the first time I've seen you all game, lol.
  13. I think the real question here is: Why did the sheriff investigate M&H of all people? There are plenty of other targets out there that would do more to solve the game. No offense to M&H but he's a weird choice here.
  14. Town leans: Beluga Whale - Kinda struggle to get good reads on him but it does seem like he's making attempts at solving the game. One of the few aside from myself who actually wants to analyze posts, so yay. Blue Jay 22 - My tinfoil-y theory on him and Hashtag was obviously a bust, and I've liked a lot of his more recent posts. Similar feeling to his posts as BW. Time Lord - Weakest of my town leans as it's mainly just a gut feeling from reading the "tone" of his posts. He's been a little quieter than I'd like (or I've somehow missed a bunch of his posts) and that will hurt my town lean on him if it continues. Null: Zfetch - Obviously playing a very strange, almost TWTBW-y type of game. Offering absolutely nothing of value other than insisting that TL is scum. Aladeen - Same as Zfetch but with MR. Even though I agree with him on MR, I can't say for certain that he's been acting very towny in general. Armbar - Extremely active and useful player. Where's Wellwood - I keep flip-flopping on him as a lot of his gameplay has looked scummy as hell, but it's also not all that far off from his usual town play. I think there are better targets to go after right now but it's worth paying special attention to his posts (when he actually does post) IMO. Mafia leans: Master Radishes - It's worth noting that I ALWAYS town read MR and I really struggle to see any faults in his scum game most of the time. This is probably the only game I can remember where multiple posts of his have caught my eye. If him and Qwags aren't scum teammates, I'll $&!# a brick. Qwags - Overall, his game has kinda been all over the place. I've seen a couple of posts that really set off alarm bells in my head (namely, his R1 list of suspects and last minute 112 vote) but there have been a few others that looked quite towny. Mainly though, it's MR's weird behaviour towards Qwags in the thread that has me fairly certain that they're scum teammates. Alain Vigneault - This is dependent on Qwags being mafia, because I can't fathom why else he'd jump in to try and vote for 112 last minute. Aside from that, I really haven't noticed AV posting at all and that's probably not a good thing? Anyone not on this list needs to start posting more ASAP.